Mercury Transit In Pisces Brings Trouble In Careers Of 6 Zodiac Signs!

As per Vedic astrology, all nine planets transit from one zodiac to another after a certain time interval. This movement of planets will impact the business, career, agriculture, stock market, etc. of natives. Such transits also affect different aspects of the world and the country, along with natives of all the 12 zodiac signs. 

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In the month of April 2024, an important transit of planet Mercury is going to happen on the Pisces zodiac. According to Vedic astrology, the effects of Mercury’s transit can be seen in all the 12 zodiac signs. But, some signs will experience a decline in their careers. 

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contains accurate information related to Mercury transit in Pisces and the natives of zodiac signs facing a decline in their careers due to it. But before that, let us know the details of the Mercury transit occurring in this April month. 

What Is The Time Of Mercury Transit In Pisces?

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is the planet responsible for the intelligence and speech of individuals. On 09 April 2024, it will transit into the Pisces zodiac at 10:02:06 pm. Jupiter is the lord of the Pisces sign and there is always enmity between the Mercury & Jupiter planets. Mercury is the factor of intelligence in the lives of natives, but Jupiter is the factor of learning and extreme ego within natives. In such a situation, the transit of retrograde Mercury into Jupiter’s sign Pisces will prove unfavorable for the natives. 

Now let us move ahead and learn about the natives of zodiac signs that will experience a decline in careers due to Mercury transit in Pisces. 

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Mercury Transit In Pisces: List Of Zodiac Signs Facing Career Issues 


The work pressure of Aries natives will increase due to Mercury transit in Pisces. There are chances of an increase in responsibilities at the workplace. You will face different struggles with work. It might result in job loss or failure in completion of projects. In this period, the natives might think about changing their job, due to dissatisfaction with their current role. There can also be thoughts about working and settling abroad. However, the natives are advised to stick with their current job role at this time and don’t think about traveling abroad for jobs or other purposes. Colleagues at work can become enemies due to unprecedented circumstances. They might take advantage of your honesty and innocence. The natives shouldn’t trust anyone at their workplace in this period. 

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Mercury transit in Pisces won’t be favorable for the careers of Taurus natives. They might face challenges and obstacles in their careers due to different circumstances at work. In this period, there is the possibility of a significant increase in workload at the workplace. During this period, your seniors at the workplace might pull back their support from your project. It will make you sad and make you think about changing your current job. However, the situation also won’t be favorable for the natives even in the new job role. They might encounter different kinds of troubles. The natives are advised to maintain harmony in your current job and it can impact your condition significantly. 

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In this period, the Cancer natives need to exercise patience with their careers. There are less chances of promotions or progress at work due to Mercury transit in Pisces. You might get transferred to a new place without any prior information and will get dissatisfied with the new job location. The job transfer will result in ups and downs in your career. The period will be tough for the natives and in this period, they won’t get any support from the superiors. There are great chances that your hard work and efforts can get unrecognized at the workplace due to the Mercury transit. It would be better if you don’t keep any expectations with anyone. The natives will be able to control their mind due to it. 

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The Pisces natives need to be careful with their careers because of Mercury transit in Pisces. In this period, the workload can increase significantly. Your work can result in a higher amount of mistakes at work and due to this, the performance will deteriorate on a regular basis. In this period, you might face different difficulties in your career and thus will fail to achieve the set goals. The Pisces natives are advised to stay cautious in this timeline. 

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The Capricorn natives will face unfavorable conditions in their careers due to Mercury transit in Pisces. You might get transferred to some place by your company and there are fewer chances of getting satisfied with the new location. Due to it, your mind can get filled with despair, and will be worried about the current job position. It will be hard to sustain the current job role. Try to control your mind and move ahead in life with patience. Give top priority to your work in this period, or else it will sink to the bottom quickly. 

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The Mercury transit in Scorpio won’t provide favorable results to the natives in their careers. At this time, there are chances of different ups and downs in your professional life. There can be different types of confusion in your mind due to the Mercury transit. You might lose your job suddenly and thus need to be careful with it. This will result in stress in your life and your mind will be surrounded by pessimistic thoughts. At the same time, there will be less cooperation from your superiors at the workplace and this can create differences between the colleagues. There are chances of major disputes at your work and it will be better to stay patient in such a timeline. Keep control of your speech at the workplace so that it doesn’t create further troubles in your career. 

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