Mercury Transit In Pisces Brings Huge Business Profits For These Zodiacs!

On 09 April 2024, retrograde Mercury will transit into the Pisces sign at 10:02:06 pm. Jupiter is the ruling planet of the Pisces zodiac sign and it has enmity with the planet Mercury. Thus, the transit of retrograde Mercury in the zodiac sign of Jupiter will prove favorable for some zodiacs, and few signs will face troubles due to it. There are some lucky zodiac signs that will get huge profits in their businesses and this special AstroSage blog will highlight it. Get here details of different zodiac signs getting different types of business profits in this period. 

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Importance Of Planet Mercury In Vedic Astrology 

In Vedic Astrology, the planet Mercury is the factor of intelligence. The intelligence of a person is determined by Mercury’s position in the horoscope. If Mercury is placed in an auspicious house in the horoscope, then the natives will get all kinds of luxuries & comforts in their lives. Along with it, Mercury is also responsible for good health. The blessing of the Mercury planet will result in higher knowledge of individuals and thus they will be able to make the right decisions in life. 

When the position of Mercury is strong in the horoscope, then the natives get suitable results in business and the stock market. If the person is having an association with subjects like astrology, mysticism, etc., then the chances of gaining strength on respective topics also rise. When Mercury is placed in its exalted sign Virgo, then there will be an increase in knowledge levels of individuals who can understand their work easily. 

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List Of Zodiac Signs That Will Get Business Benefits Due To Mercury Transit In Pisces 


The Taurus natives will be able to earn a lot of money when they do business alone. If they have plans to do business in partnership, then it will be advisable to postpone the decision for some time now. The natives need to be calculated in their approach to achieve profits and prosperity in businesses. By taking part in work with a little bit of intelligence, business persons can earn a lot of benefits and profits from their operations. 

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Mercury transit in Pisces will be very favorable for the business persons belonging to the Aquarius sign. If the person has invested money in the share market, then they get very fruitful results from it. There are great chances of financial gains during this period. The business persons need to be a little careful with their deals in this Mercury transit. Your mistakes in the business will result in a great amount of losses. They are advised to focus on their business and stand strong against the competitors. 

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For the Gemini natives, the Mercury transit in Pisces will bring fruitful outcomes in their financial lives. If you work hard in your business, then you can achieve great results due to this transit. The right efforts at your work will yield top profits and can prove their abilities in front of competitors. However, at times, they might go through no-profit and no-loss situations. But, there is nothing to worry about the situation as it will pass soon. The natives will again get the opportunity to earn a good amount of money again. 

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