Mercury Transit In Pisces Results To Financial Troubles For Some Zodiacs!

Every planet keeps changing its position from one zodiac sign to another after a certain period of time and this change of position is referred to as planetary transit. It will have an impact on the country, and the world, along with natives of all 12 zodiac signs. This transit will impact the economy, stock market, and other areas. The natives of some zodiacs get success in their careers due to it and some signs will face financial losses due to it. 

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In this period, Mercury will transit into the Pisces zodiac and it will be very unfavorable for natives of some zodiac signs. This special AstroSage blog contains accurate details related to Mercury transit and the details of signs that may face financial troubles. Financial crunch can hit some unlucky signs in this period and may reduce the overall wealth of the natives. 

What Is The Time Of Mercury Transit In Pisces?

On 09 April 2024, retrograde Mercury will transit in the Pisces zodiac at 10:02:06 pm. The lord of Pisces sign, Jupiter will have an enmity relationship with the planet Mercury. Due to this, the entry of retrograde Mercury into Pisces will prove very unfavorable for some zodiacs. 

Now, let us move ahead and check the zodiac signs whose natives will face financial troubles due to Mercury transit in Pisces. 

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Mercury Transit In Pisces: List Of Zodiac Signs That Can Financial Troubles 


The expenses of Aries natives will increase due to the Mercury transit in the Pisces zodiac. You might take some loans to meet your expenses. The financial constraints will keep you worried throughout the period. There are sudden chances of receiving money, but it won’t be enough for you. In this period, the natives should avoid making vital financial decisions in their business. Think carefully before making any decision on financial spending and investment. There are risks of money loss and thus you need to be careful about it. You might need to borrow money from someone to meet your expenses and this will create financial stress in your life. 

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The Leo natives need to be careful with financial matters in this period. There are chances of losses for businesses and thus they should avoid making vital decisions. The expenses will increase a lot and this will result in a reduction of total wealth. Your income won’t be enough to meet the expenses and you might need to borrow money from someone for it. The debt can cause trouble for the natives and due to it, the stress levels can increase. In this timeline, there are chances of higher spending on the father’s treatment. All such matters can result in worries in the financial life of Leo natives. 

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The Mercury transit in Pisces will cause a lot of ups and downs in the lives of Virgo natives. It will be hard for you to earn money and due to this, the natives will find it hard to make ends meet. The natives should be careful with their travel due to Mercury transit or else it can create different financial troubles for them. Your financial responsibility will increase in this period and thus proper planning is needed to prevent losses. To meet your needs, the natives might need to borrow money from someone. There is the possibility of a reduction in sources of income. 

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The Capricorn natives need to be careful with their finances due to the transit of retrograde Mercury in the Pisces zodiac. If you aren’t careful, there are chances of huge losses for the Capricorn natives. Your sources of income will decrease and thus it will be hard for the natives to meet their expenses. It will be hard for them to meet their family’s needs. Because of this, there are chances that your home environment can get spoiled. The natives are advised to stick to their budget and prevent unnecessary expenses. 

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There will be different financial troubles in the professional lives of Libra natives. The expenses will increase a lot in this period and it will be hard for them to control it. If you want to stop further deterioration of your financial situation, then make a suitable budget and focus on making the right savings. After some time, there are chances of financial improvements for the Libra natives. They need to be careful about matters related to money & spending. 

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The Scorpio natives may face sudden financial crunches due to Mercury transit in the Pisces sign. You will face a lot of difficulties in handling the financial matters swiftly. The natives need to be careful while traveling, or else there are chances of money getting stolen from them. Your financial carelessness can result in varied money troubles for the natives. Plan your finances better to avoid financial losses and crunches. They may also get worried about the child’s progress. You might have thoughts about spending money on their development and careers. The natives need to control their expenses in a better way. With this, there will be some stability or relief in the financial condition of the Scorpio natives. 

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