Mercury Transit In Pisces: These Zodiacs Will See Positive Outcomes

All planets never remain in the same zodiac sign since they constantly change their speed and zodiac sign. Every planet, from the Sun to Ketu, has a different zodiac change time. Mercury changes zodiac signs between 23 and 28 days in this sequence. Mercury will now transit Pisces. The movement of Mercury entering the water element Pisces is a special astrological occurrence. This Mercury transit will have an effect on all 12 zodiac signs. So, in this special AstroSage blog, tell us in detail what effect Mercury Transit in Pisces can have on people of all zodiac signs and how to avoid its negative effects.

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Mercury Transit In Pisces: Date And Time 

In astrology, Mercury is known as the prince. Mercury symbolizes intelligence, thinking, and education. These are the factors of intelligence, thinking ability, superior reasoning ability, and effective communication skills. Mercury will enter Pisces at 10:02:06 p.m. on April 9, 2024. Mercury is currently high in Virgo and low in Pisces. Mercury will be in its lowest sign at this time, resulting in both negative and positive outcomes.

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Mercury Transit In Pisces: Specialization 

Mercury is an earth-element planet, but Pisces is a dual zodiac sign with the water element, ruled by Jupiter. People with Mercury in Pisces are naturally imaginative and empathetic, which makes them vulnerable to being injured. Along with being kind and polite, their overly trusting disposition allows them to be deceived easily in important areas of life such as love relationships and business relationships. These people are interested in creative activities such as painting and music. These individuals communicate their emotions through creative arts and poetry.

Mercury, as the inferior sign of Pisces, will have some negative effects in Pisces. As a result, the native may struggle to earn enough money. They may become impatient and restless as a result of their lack of self-confidence. Aside from that, these natives are likely to endure arm or neck difficulties, as well as marital conflict. Because they are disturbed by foes and opponents, these people prefer to travel small distances. On the positive side, these people can be curious and intelligent. They provide assistance to those who are depressed or helpless. Their brain is capable of absorbing a variety of talents. However, they are not always able to express themselves clearly, causing difficulty for others.

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Mercury Planet Significance In Astrology

The smallest planet in the solar system is Mercury. Mercury is termed the prince of planets as well as the messenger of God and is the lord of the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo. Mercury, a planet with a dual nature, is known as the god of intelligence. It has a high and low of 15 degrees. He is the master of the north direction. The Sun and Venus are favorable planets for them, but Mars and the Moon are not. Jupiter and Saturn are equal planets. Mercury Mahadasha lasts 17 years. It is a green color.  If Mercury is in an advantageous position in a person’s horoscope, he advances in all areas of speech, as well as in business. Also, such people acquire financial stability. On the other hand, if Mercury is weak in a person’s horoscope, that individual may experience difficulty with speaking and money. Mercury offers people the ability to adapt to any situation. Mercury is also the ruler of three Nakshatras (constellations). It is the lord of Ashlesha, Jyestha, and Revati Nakshatra.

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Signs Of Weak Mercury In The Horoscope 

  • If Mercury is in a weak place in a person’s horoscope, it hinders their communication and creativity.
  • As a result of a weak Mercury, the person’s spirituality starts to decrease.
  • The person has difficulty speaking since Mercury is inauspicious. He is unable to communicate himself adequately, compromising his communication skills.
  • Such people experience significant losses in the speculative market, which may force them to face a financial crisis.
  • These individuals remain physically and mentally troubled.
  • Because of the disrupted Mercury, the individual feels disrespected in society. His position, prominence, and fame in the job begin to dwindle.
  • Aside from it, the person’s ability to give and communicate is impaired. Politicians may face public opposition during this period.
  • Weak Mercury confuses the mind.

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Strong Position Of Mercury In Horoscope 

  • If Mercury is strong in the horoscope, people are soft-spoken and humorous.
  • A person gets a lot of money and profits in the business world because of the powerful influence of Mercury.
  • They also benefit greatly from the stock market and other forms of investment.
  • These people’s speech is highly charming, allowing them to entice others to themselves.
  • Mercury’s fortunate position strengthens these people’s cognitive abilities.
  • Mercury’s favorable impact transforms a person into an excellent speaker, spokesperson, officer, insurance agent, and multilingual.
  • These people are highly attractive in appearance and captivate everyone with their personalities.

Remedies To Improve The Inauspicious Position Of Mercury

Some special measures are suggested to strengthen Mercury’s position in the horoscope, which can help you solve a variety of problems. Let us know about these measures.

Chant This Mantra

To improve Mercury’s position in the horoscope, wear red on Wednesday and chant the Mantra “Om Braam Bream Braum Saah Budhay Namah” at least 108 times. This enhances Mercury, and the individual obtains wisdom and prosperity. 

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Plant A Tulsi Sapling

If Mercury is weak in your horoscope, plant a Tulsi plant on Wednesday, water it every day except Sunday, and worship on a regular basis. This remedy strengthens the planet Mercury while also bestowing Lord Vishnu’s blessings.

Serve A Cow

Every day, feed the cow. Also, feed green fodder. This method strengthens Mercury in the horoscope. This remedy strengthens Mercury’s position in the horoscope while also maintaining Lord Krishna’s special grace.

Recite Durga Chalisa 

If Mercury is weak in your horoscope, worship Goddess Adishakti Maa Durga, the Mother of the World, according to the traditions on Wednesday. Recite Durga Chalisa and Durga Saptashati on Wednesday. This remedy strengthens Mercury’s position in the horoscope. Aside from that, if possible, you can visit a nearby temple on Wednesday and offer cosmetics to Maa Durga.

Chant Ganesh Stotra 

Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. To get a strong position for Mercury in the horoscope, worship Lord Ganesha, the favored son of Mahadev, the Lord of Gods, on Wednesday. Also, offer Durva and Modak. Modak is particularly special to Lord Ganesha. As a result, giving Modak to Lord Ganesha quickly pleases him. Also, chant Sankatnashan Ganesh Stotra.

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