Mercury Transit In Pisces: Mystical Zodiac To Host Planet Of Intellect!

Mercury Transit In Pisces 2023: There is no doubt that the movements of the celestial bodies have an impact on every aspect of our existence, and that their influence is both profound and wide-ranging. Among advantageous planets, Mercury takes a special and a dignified place. It is the benefactor of communication, intellect, reason, language, and mind. Mercury is known by multiple names such as Rauhineya, Tunga, and Soumya meaning “Son of Moon”. The weekday, Wednesday is given to Mercury and its beloved color is green. The name of Mercury, which is “Budha” is derived from the ancient and revered language of Sanskrit. With Mercury Transit In Pisces, all the zodiac signs are bound for change in all the spheres of their lives. So, through this insightful blog of AstroSage you will learn all the crucial information regarding Mercury Transit In Pisces including date, time, remedies and effects that each zodiac sign is going to experience!

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What Mercury Denotes In Astrology

The great planet Mercury is the representative of our creative ideas, speech, and directly influences our communication skills and ardor. In Greek mythology, Hermes represents Mercury. It is considered to be the messenger and has lordship over two zodiac signs which are Virgo and Gemini. The planet that profoundly influences our mind and speech stays for about 24 days in a single zodiac sign and then moves in another zodiac sign. Out of 27 Nakshatras, it controls 3 Nakshatras which are Revati Nakshatra, Jyeshtha Nakshatra, and Ashlesha Nakshatra. 

The gemstone dedicated to Mercury is Emerald. The blessed natives who have Mercury in a strong position in their horoscope show a great level of adaptability, and their communication skills are such that they are able to charm people with their speech ardor. The natives become intelligent, analytical, and always eager to learn something new and productive. However, one must be aware that when this beneficial planet is in a weak position in the horoscope then, it gives detrimental effects which include deceitfulness, anxiousness, and cunningness. 

Prominence Of Mercury 

The planet Mercury is the one who grants the natives natural curiosity, (an innate skill which is directly related to the growth of our mind), adaptability, and the competency of speech. Mercury has positive effects that are advantageous for every native as it brings many desirable qualities. Natives with strong and favorable positions of Mercury benefit at large. As we have read above, these fortunate natives reach tremendous heights in their lives with the graceful blessings of this dualistic planet. The professions designated to the planet Mercury are oration, negotiator, sales agents, publishing, journalism, writing, editing, and web designing. 

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Mercury Transit In Pisces: Date & Time

The beneficial and dualistic planet, Mercury will transit in the zodiac sign of compassion and intuition, Pisces on 16th March at 10:33 am. The natives of Pisces are subtle in nature with a brilliant level of intuition, and clear and creative mindsets. They are versatile and have a strong sense of care and belonging. Hence, with Mercury Transit In Pisces, all the zodiac signs will go through considerable and major changes in all the spheres of life. So, below you will find your zodiac sign’s forecast and the remedies to effectively combat Mercury’s ill effects. 

Mercury Transit In Pisces: Forecast And Remedies For All Zodiac Signs


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