Mercury Transit In Libra Will Shine Luck Of 4 Signs For 24 Days!

Mercury transit in Libra is taking place today. Mercury transit is regarded as an important phenomenon in astrology as it impacts the lives of different natives in different ways. Likewise, this transit today will affect the lives of 12 zodiac signs, especially 4 signs. Find out which are these signs and how will Mercury affect them. But first, let’s check out the date and time of this transit.

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Mercury Transit in Libra: Date & Time

Mercury is the planet of wit, intelligence, and communication, among many other factors. It is also regarded as the benefactor of logic, speech, and mathematics. Mercury was present in its own sign Virgo till today, but now, it is entering the zodiac sign of Libra that is ruled by Venus. Mercury transit in Libra will take place on 26 October 2022 and the timing for this transit will be 1:38 PM

Let’s now find which 4 signs will be impacted by this transit the most.

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These Signs Will Be Lucky With Mercury Transit

Gemini: Mercury transit in Libra will benefit the Gemini natives in many ways. They will enjoy a favorable period in their career and there is a good scope of increment in their income. The students of this zodiac sign will also enjoy a favorable time as they will be able to concentrate on their studies, which will help them in scoring high marks. Gemini natives will also witness a growth in their self confidence along with an improvement in their reputation in society. Mercury, the planet of speech, will enhance their communication skills during this period.

Cancer: This transit of Mercury is bringing peace and harmony in the family life of the Cancer natives. Also, there are good chances for these natives to acquire wealth. There could be an increase in the salary for the people belonging to Cancer zodiac sign as well. The working professionals will witness an improved financial life during this period. The business people might crack a good deal which will enhance their financial status. Cancer students will also enjoy a favorable time during the Mercury Transit in Libra.

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Leo: This transit is bringing an improvement in relationships for the Leo natives. The siblings will enjoy a strong bond during this period and the love between them will grow. There will be an atmosphere of love and harmony in the family. Your decisions will be heard and respected by the family members. You could also get new career opportunities during this period. You will find yourself drawn towards religious activities at this time. Your reputation in society will enhance. 

Sagittarius: This transit in Libra will bring financial benefits of the Sagittarius natives. You will get new opportunities to earn money. Your income might also increase which will help you get rid of your financial problems. You will feel relieved and relaxed at this time. Also, your family life will be peaceful and you could meet your old friends during the Mercury transit.

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