Mercury Transit In Libra: These Natives Will Get Immense Profit In Businesses

The AstroSage blog is prepared to deliver accurate information about possible astrological events in the coming time. On 19 October, Mercury is going to transit in Libra. Through this special blog, learn the favorable results for zodiac signs from Mercury in Libra and details about signs that need to face negative consequences. 

Other than that, the blog provides details of measures that will suit the zodiacs affected due to the Mercury transit in Libra. Let us move ahead and start this blog with details on the timing of Mercury transit in Libra. 

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Mercury Transit In Libra: Details Of Timing 

If we talk about the timing, on 19 October 2023, Mercury transit in Libra at 01:06 pm. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is the planet meant for logic, knowledge, and intelligence. Check how Mercury affects the lives of all the 12 zodiacs due to the Mercury transit in Libra. 

Presence Of Mercury Planet In Vedic Astrology 

As per Vedic astrology, Mercury is one of the auspicious planets and out of the 12 zodiacs, the planet owns the Gemini and Virgo signs. Virgo is considered the highest zodiac and Pisces is the lowest zodiac sign. Other than that, the Mercury planet is referred to as the factor of logic, communication, intelligence, cleverness, friendship, and more. Expert astrologists believe that as Mercury gets positioned in the horoscope of the natives, it results in the excellent communication style of these persons. They are quick in response and also charm others with their language. Also, a strong Mercury in the horoscope results in the sharp rise of the person’s intellect, and the chances of success in business & commerce are prominent. 

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On the contrary, if the position of Mercury is in a weak condition in the horoscope or gets affected due to sinful planets, then the natives will face different kinds of physical & mental troubles. These people are unable to present their thoughts in a clear way to others and also face difficulty or weakness in mathematics, and thus face difficulty in understanding different things. In such conditions, contact the astrologer to get relevant measures related to the Mercury planet. Go through the blog to understand the relevant solutions for the troubles. 

Planet Mercury As Per Lal Kitab 

The Lal Kitab says that Mercury is associated with intelligence, greenery, bookies, transgender, girl, sister-in-law, and more. 

Positive Effects Of Mercury Planet As Per Lal Kitab

The positive effects of the planet Mercury instill excellence in the communication of natives and also result in the rise of intelligence. 

Negative Effects Of Mercury Planet As Per Lal Kitab 

If the Lal Kitab refers to the negative effects of Mercury in the person’s life, then it will result in difficulties in speaking and weakness in Mathematics. Other than that, the logical ability of these people gets quite weaker. 

Taking the right measures in such conditions for Mercury will provide the chance to extract auspicious results from the planet rises. Let us move forward and understand the solutions. 

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Simple Astrological Remedies Based On Planet Mercury 

  • Avoid the consumption of products like alcohol, meat, eggs, and more. 
  • Soak the Moong Dal overnight and then in the morning feed it to animals. 
  • Also, feed the crows some food. 
  • On Wednesday, keep your fast. 
  • In your life, include more green clothes to wear. 
  • Ensure proper respect for your sister, daughter, and younger girl. 
  • Do not insult transgenders, eunuchs, and others. 

The Effects Of Mercury In Libra Zodiacs 

The planet Mercury, considered to be the earth’s planet, when present in the neutral zodiac sign, will experience an overall richness of knowledge. Also, during this period, attention and inclination can be watched in creative & artistic tasks. Other than that, Mercury controls communication and its presence in Libra improves the eloquence of people. It also results in the soft-speaking nature of natives and a good ability to understand other people.

The natives with Mercury in Libra ensure the rise of generosity of people, get inspired by relationships, and also get fond of women. Other than that, these natives will have higher intellectual power and are also known for good behavior. They will follow a balanced approach in life that will bring success in the lives of people. Their practical skills will come at work and prove to be helpful in taking advantage of multiple offers in life for success. 

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Mercury Transit In Libra: Predication And Remedies As Per Zodiac Signs 


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