Mercury Transit in Leo During Sawan, Know the Impending Impacts!

The Sawan month as per the Hindu Panchang has begun shortly, and during this holy month, Mercury will be seen transiting in Leo on 9 August, thereby falling on the second Somwar of Sawan. As we all know Mondays during Sawan or Sawan Somwar is a very major event and Mercury transiting in Leo on this day holds many significance in store. For the ultimate satisfaction of our readers and users, AstroSage is once again back with the Sawan Grand Sale from 6-9 August 2021. Avail 80% discount on astrology products and services and Varta consultations. Check out the banner given below for more details and make this Mercury transit a life-changing event for you.

Sawan is one of the holiest months for the followers of Hinduism. This whole month is also especially significant for followers of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. Devotees in flocks often throng temples with their prayers and offerings for Lord Shiva, but the massive outpour is witnessed on Mondays (Somwar). On this very note, we would like the readers to know about the transit of Mercury or Budh which is taking place on Monday, 9th August and its impending impacts on the lives of the natives of all 12 signs during the month of Sawan.

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Mercury as we all know is considered to be the significator of intelligence in astrology. It is said to be the smallest planet in the solar system and therefore has the status of a prince. Very soon, the planet Mercury will transit from Cancer to Leo. Let’s know why and how this transit of Mercury is special.

Mercury is a neutral planet, and delivers results according to the planet it is posited with. If it is seated with a malefic planet, its effects will be the same as the malefic planet, while its results will also be auspicious while in conjunction with the benefic planet. Let us now look at the aspect and importance of Mercury transit

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Importance of Mercury Transit In Astrology

Since Mercury is considered to be a significator of speech, intelligence and communication, its transit is also very important in many ways. The natives for whom it sits in an auspicious state during the transit witness intellectual development, sharpness in speech and increased communication ability. Mercury transits in any zodiac for about a month and after that transits in the next zodiac. Mercury is considered as Karaka of speech hence, your speech is affected by the transit of Mercury, i.e. if it sits in a favourable position, then you are distinguished in society by your speech. On this note, we would also like to give away the details of all the upcoming Mercury transits occurring in the year 2021. 

Upcoming Transits Of Mercury In 2021

Let us take a moment to go through the table of contents:- 

Mercury Transit In Leo9 AugustMonday
Mercury Transit In Virgo26 AugustThursday
Mercury Transit In Libra22 SeptemberWednesday
Mercury Retrograde In Libra2 OctoberSaturday
Mercury Transit In Libra2 NovemberTuesday
Mercury Transit In Scorpio21 NovemberSunday
Mercury Transit In Sagittarius10 DecemberFriday
Mercury Transit In Capricorn29 DecemberWednesday

Importance of Mercury Transit During Sawan

As we have already mentioned before this is the month of Sawan which is quite a holy and pious month in the realm of Hindu religion and culture. Now, Mercury transiting in this month holds a lot of significances for natives belonging to all zodiac signs and our country and world in general. 

It is quite an astonishing fact to note that this transit is taking place on Monday, 9th August and it is not a fact unknown to us that Monday during Sawan is supposedly the holiest day of the week. There will be many changes in store, positive ones mostly. Readers should also know here that the Sun will also transit from Cancer to Leo on the 17th August. Mercury will already be present there and the conjunction of both these planets will create a Budha Aditya Yoga which will be quite auspicious for natives belonging to all the zodiac signs. There will be an improvement in the communication skills of people. Many natives can expect some life-changing alterations in store for them.

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Global Impact Of Mercury Transit In Leo During Sawan

In the country and the world and with the transit of Mercury in Leo, the long-standing troubles in the communication sector can come to an end and some difficult and important decisions can be taken for that. Due to the conjunction of the Sun with Mercury on 17 August, mutual communication between countries will increase, but bitterness may rise. Its special impact will be seen on the financial and banking sectors. Their shares may rise. Politically, there will be a situation of escalation between the government and the opposition and there can be a lot of fierceness in the parliament as well.

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Special Remedies to Observe For This Mercury Transit 

Most of us are aware of the basic remedies associated with Mercury which can be implemented to pacify the planet and make our lives better. But, as we have mentioned before, this transit is a special one, we should also prescribe some special remedies to implement positivity in our lives. 

  • Wake up early in the morning and wear clean and fresh clothes. 
  • Offer Water to the Shivling. 
  • As Sawan and Mondays are quite dear to Lord Shiva, visit a Shiva Temple and perform the Rudrabhishek of Lord Shiva. 
  • One could also fast on Mondays, keeping the Sawan Somwar rules and regulations in mind. 
  • Offer Bail Patra to Lord Shiva
  • Along with all of these, don’t forget to chant the Beej Mantra of Mercury. 

If all these remedies are implemented properly, then you can expect a sane and peaceful life in the upcoming days owing to this Mercury transit. Especially speaking, the natives belonging to the zodiac signs Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces should be holistic about observing these remedies as there are certain chances of this transit being somewhat unfavourable for you. But, there is no need to worry as we have got you all covered. Just stick to the remedies and watch your life bloom in the upcoming days. 

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