Mercury Transit In Gemini Soon (2 July): Impact & Remedies

Mercury transit in Gemini blog by AstroSage will discuss in detail about this important transit. This blog is a curtain-raiser to the same. Mercury is set to transit on July 2, 2022, at 9.40 AM. Since Mercury is transiting in its own sign, this movement of Mercury is going to be of paramount importance as in daily life, we are daily dealing with communication aspects to make our life move and prosper ahead. Without communication, nothing in this world may be possible to get the end results-whatever to be it career, finance etc.  For strong communication, Mercury is the key planet which is the key indicator for communication and for strong communication, sound logic is essential and mercury stands by this.

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Mercury in Gemini

Gemini is a feminine sign ruled by Mercury. This is the third sign of the natural zodiac and dual in nature. When any planet is placed in its own ruling sign, it will confer excellent results. In this context, the native may be able to enhance their intelligence and make feasible decisions. Mercury combines with Venus during this transit and there may be more development in intelligence and creativity. There may be more interest involved in shares among natives to earn more profits. Also, there may be more involvement in fine arts and music among the natives. More travel abroad may be possible for the natives and the more lovable nature may be present among the natives.

Further the native gets positive or negative results depending upon the position of Mercury in his/her horoscope. 

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Impact of Mercury in Gemini on Natives

  • Natives will be able to do well in their career and secure promotion due to their passion for work and to excel.
  • Natives who are engaged in sports activities may be able to excel during this transit.
  • More travel for casual outing may be possible among natives during this transit.
  • Natives may develop enthusiasm to learn more and enhance their knowledge.
  • Natives may get good chances to travel abroad and such travel may fetch good satisfaction and returns.
  • Natives who are doing business may be able to realize good profits.

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Impact Of Mercury in Gemini On India-World

  • There will be good chances of high prosperity globally due to this transit.
  • The communication field is set to gain prominence and development in India and the world.
  • New innovations and technology are said to get a big boost during this transit.
  • There may be good relations between India and the world.
  • New tie ups and openings may be established between India and the world. 
  • Education sector and development related to the same may be possible globally among the world. 
  • Good progress in agriculture may be possible in India and the World. 
  • India may sign up new treaties with the world.
  • Good diplomatic relations may be possible between India and the neighboring countries.
  • This transit may help to solve many lingering issues related to business around the world.

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Mercury Direct in Gemini: Favorable-Unfavorable for Which Signs?


Leo- Natives during this transit will be able to gain a good amount of money up to their satisfaction and will be in a position to fulfill their desires. They will be in a position to achieve wonders by means of effective communication and this may have a good impact on their future also.  Development in career and new opportunities with respect to the same may also be possible for these natives during this transit. Natives may be in a position to gain immense confidence in pursuing decisions effectively. Natives may also be straight forward in their approach.

Virgo- Gaining stability with appreciation in career may be the foremost goal of these natives during this course of transit. The natives for their dedication and hard work may be in a position to secure promotion and other awards. Natives who are doing business may also get chances to undertake more new business ventures and take the same to the next level.  Self-independence and carrying the same in pursuing decisions may be possible for the natives during this course of transit.

Capricorn– This transit may give flexibility for the natives in meeting with success in their efforts. Good luck may be possible for these natives as they may be able to meet with the same in getting promotional benefits and earn appreciation from the superiors with respect to their career. Gaining via loans and inheritance may also be possible for these natives during this transit. Money flow may be fine for these natives during this transit.

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Cancer-  Natives during this transit may be put to the chance of money loss during this course of transit while traveling. In career front, the natives may be put to work pressure and due to this-committing errors may be present. So it may be essential for these natives to take care in doing the job with utmost care.

Scorpio-  Natives during this transit may be facing obstacles in all the efforts that they are pursuing. You may be put to stress and due to this, you may be put to pain in your shoulders and ankles. There may be chances for delays in the efforts that you are pursuing with respect to your development related to routine activities. The natives belonging to this sign may have worries about the future. Emotional and sensitive nature may be present among the natives. These natives need to put more attention in their career and handling money etc. Relationship issues in the family may be present for these natives. 

Sagittarius-Natives during this transit may need to take care regarding relationship with life partner as there may be chances for arguments over family issues. If the natives are engaged in business, then they may not be able to witness expected profits with the business that they are undertaking. Natives may be facing issues in partnership also if they are engaged in partnership also and also may be facing obstacles from competitors. There may be chances for unexpected job transfers that these natives need to undertake.

Remedies to Enhance the Benefic Influence of Mercury During this Period

  • Chant “Om Budhaya Namah” daily 27 times.
  • Do Havan for Mercury on Wednesday.
  • Chant “Om Bram Breem Browm Sah Budhayay Namah ” daily 11 times.
  • Worship Lord Vishnu daily.

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