Mercury Transit In Capricorn: Communication Meets Diligence & Practicality!

Mercury is one of the fastest planets in astrology. The only planet to get exalted in its own sign, Virgo, Mercury rules another zodiac sign, Gemini. Mercury is a messenger of the Gods who is renowned for his speed and swiftness in classical Roman mythology. Mercury, a scorching, airless planet, follows suit by orbiting the Sun in the quickest time. Since Mercury is so near the Sun, there is just a brief window after sunset when it can be viewed without a telescope before it follows the Sun over the horizon. For this reason, Mercury is often placed with the Sun or just a house apart from the Sun in any individual’s natal chart.

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Natives with the strong Mercury in their birth chart may have better control over their words. It may further help them to build friendly relations with others. Mercury also owns three Nakshatras (constellations). It is the lord of Ashlesha Nakshatra, Jyestha Nakshatra, and Revati Nakshatra. It rules over Wednesday and the stone dedicated to Mercury is a Green Emerald. Mercury signifies the intellect of a person, decision-making skills, logical arguments, cognitive thinking, communication, speech, rationality, and siblings. 

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AstroSage wants its readers to gain fresh perspectives on a variety of astrological topics and we strive to make each blog post engaging to read. Hence, we are here to let you know the date, time, and impact of the Mercury transit in Capricorn. Let us start learning then!

Date & Time of Mercury Transit In Capricorn

Mercury will enter the zodiac sign of Capricorn on the 7th of February, 2023 at 7:11 am. We will further see what impact this transit of Mercury in Capricorn will have on every zodiac sign but first let us understand what Mercury in Capricorn signifies in general.

Mercury in Capricorn

Mercury in Capricorn symbolizes a grounded, practical, and orderly communication approach. Mercury will also be impacted by Saturn in Capricorn. In actuality, you almost always succeed in accomplishing your goals and objectives when you put your mind to something. Mercury in Capricorn has a strong need to categorize the sensations it receives from the outside world. It uses slow, systematic speech and writing. Values organization and structure. Despite its resourcefulness, Mercury in Capricorn has a tendency to become overwhelmed when given too much information at once. Before deciding, Mercury here divides concepts into logical components. 

How Will Mercury Transit In Capricorn Affect 12 Zodiacs?


The natives of Aries will experience progressive and advantageous outcomes as a result of Mercury moving to the 10th house of Capricorn. The natives will succeed in all of their attempts, and new job opportunities will come up for them. In addition to this, the natives will get respect and status at work, and business owners will make great profits. The Lord of the 3rd house will be transiting to the 10th house of career so professionals will now speak with great tact and diligence and improve their professional networks. Students will also succeed in their efforts of procuring good grades. 


Mercury being the lord of the 2nd and the 5th house moves to the 9th house of Capricorn. This is an exceptionally auspicious transit for Taurus natives. Mercury will aspect the 3rd house from the 9th and will make the style of communication very professional and thoughtful. Students will double their efforts to crack admissions to universities and colleges and succeed in their endeavors for higher studies.  

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The Gemini natives have fairly conventional perceptions, thoughts, and mental processes with Mercury in the 8th house in Capricorn. They will find themselves accumulating more knowledge about laws, justice, money management, and how to plan for difficult times in the future. They will constantly consider accountability and morality. They are organized researchers who think slowly. They are more mature and pragmatic with Mercury in Capricorn than usual.


As Mercury moves to your 7th house, this would be a good time for people studying law or practicing law. If you’re in the media or studying Journalism or mass communication you will benefit from this transit. There will be more practicality in the way you think and work and you will see yourself getting more indulged in work.


This is a good transit for Leo natives as Mercury moves to your 6th house. This transit will be beneficial for someone working in the IT or Electronics sector. Your analytical power will increase and you will notice yourself working with a lot more diligence. Be careful not to overwork yourself as you could suffer from issues such as anxiety during this transit.


If you are a Virgo working as a counselor or a government spokesperson then this is a good transit with Mercury coming to your 5th house. If you’re a law teacher or related to teaching others in any way this is a good time for you. You will see yourself utilizing your skills and your profession as a way to serve others or engage in social welfare activities in one way or the other.

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As Mercury transits your 4th house it will make your planning and thought process regarding home matters, family, property-related matters, etc thorough and you will find yourself planning in advance for the future to come. This is a good transit for someone working as a  stand-up comedian or a stage presenter. 


This transit of Mercury in Capricorn will make you a hard-working individual. You will be careful and thoughtful while communicating with your colleagues and careful will planning your investments as well. This is a time to be energetic and put in effort in all your endeavors. 


You’re sure to make wealth and stabilize your finances as Mercury transits your 2nd house. This is an excellent transit if you’re a counselor or a government employee as you will now communicate with tact and responsibility. You will be able to influence people with your words and excel in your career. 


With Mercury transiting the 1st house, the is a good time for government professionals to earn name and fame, and respect in society. You will earn your wealth using sharp intellect and your amazing analytical ability. You are advised to make full use of this transit. 


Mercury transit in your 12th house is a good transit if you work in foreign lands, hospitals, or legal teams of MNCs. You will be able to make full use of your communication and intellect in making foreign contacts. Its aspect on the 6th house means you could win in any litigation matters or counsel your way out of disputes. There is a good chance of work-related foreign travel.

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The natives of Pisces will utilize their analytical skills and professional knowledge in making better and more meaningful relations with their social network. They could also find business partners in their social circle and start a new venture in partnership. 

Remedies for a beneficial impact of Mercury

  • Chant the Budh Beej Mantra to please Mercury.
  • Feed birds daily.
  • Feed cows daily before you eat.
  • It is advisable to completely quit non-vegetarian food items and alcohol.
  • Seek the blessings of the Kinnar community.

Note: All the above predictions are done keeping the Mercury transit in Capricorn as a general perspective. Results will change for each individual based on the placement of Mercury in their natal charts and dignity as well as different aspects of Mercury. 

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