Mercury Transit In Capricorn Will Impact Nation-World & Individuals!

Mercury Transit 2023: Mercury is a planet which represents or signifies Intellect and communication in astrology as its prime function. Without the blessings of Mercury an individual cannot make full use of its analytical ability, hold logical conversations, or use intellect to do his/her work in the right and proper manner. To live life in a planned way or to be able to make a career or have good education and use that education to build a successful career it is important to have a well placed Mercury in the horoscope. Now, on 7 February, Mercury is going to transit in Capricorn, and have a significant impact on the nation and world. Also, the lives of individuals will be affected. Find out more about it in this special blog by AstroSage!

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Mercury Transit in Capricorn: Date & Timing

Mercury enters Capricorn on 7 February 2023 at 7:11 am. Capricorn is a sign ruled by Saturn. Saturn and Mercury are friends hence, are supportive of each other. Mercury has everything to do with communication and a sharp mind and intelligence. Capricorn on the other hand is a practical, diligent and adaptable sign. Let us see further what we can expect out of this combination.

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Mercury In Astrology

Mercury in general represents things like accounts, banking, mobile technology, networking, computers, and other things relating to business and trade. In the aforementioned domains, success is indicated by a strong Mercury. Mercury is also in charge of all communications, including telephone, telegraph, email, courier, and other forms of mail. Thus, writers, astrologers, news reporters, media professionals, mathematicians, chartered accountants, lawyers, dealers, brokers, businesspeople, etc. all have well-placed, strong Mercury in their horoscopes. Successful painters, sculptors, and salespeople frequently have favorable Mercury placements in their birth charts.

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Mercury Transit in Capricorn: What to Expect 

Mercury will soon be entering its friend Saturn’s zodiac sign Capricorn. Mercury is comfortable in this sign as Capricorn brings the much needed calmness, adaptability and slowness that Mercury lacks. Mercury is the fastest moving planet and completes its revolution around the Sun in the shortest period of time. Mercury takes quick action and after its whirlwind stint in Sagittarius, this calm would be a welcome period for most parts of the world and our country too.

Mercury in Capricorn gives strong work ethics and a reliable personality. In general people who have Mercury in Capricorn in their charts, others feel they can depend on you and trust you because of your cool, collected demeanor. They always follow through on your commitments and do as they say. Mercury in Capricorn will bless anyone with heightened learning capabilities. It makes us grounded, look at the world in a realistic manner and not build castles in the air.  It asks us to slow down and introspect our next move before taking a plunge into our plans for the future. However, there is a good and a bad side to everything and similarly, Mercury in Capricorn if negatively placed can make communication harsh and rude and can make a person secretive and deceptive. Let’s take a look at what we can expect during the transit of Mercury in Capricorn in India and the world.

Impact of Mercury Transit on India & the World:

  • New innovations and inventions in terms of technology could take place during this transit.
  • As Capricorn is a zodiac often linked with management and Mercury symbolizes quick and apt decision making, we can see improvements or changes in the internal management in India. We may also get to see many MNCs making changes in their management policies or management teams in order to improve businesses.
  • A lot of startups struggling to make profits or sustain in the market will see a sudden rise in their businesses and many startups will also come into existence in India as well as all around the world.
  • Sectors such as transport, networking and software will be seen gaining momentum.
  • Stock markets and speculative businesses will see a sudden financial rise and gains.
  • The relationships and communication between India and its neighboring countries will improve and there will be a free flow of trade between countries. 
  • Many technological foreign companies may want to do business in India.
  • State of the medical and healthcare departments would improve within our country.
  • The representatives of the government or the opposition parties will be seen making statements with caution and tact. 
  • The overall working and the whole management of the Judiciary of the country may strengthen as a result of some positive changes or improvements.

Impact Of Mercury Transit On Individuals:

  • During this transit, individuals will feel their intellect deepen and will be able to make the right decisions whether in personal life or professional life.
  • Business owners and individuals will reap high benefits of this transit and will make good profits. This will be a beneficial transit for startups as well.
  • Those who are into networking business may benefit during this transit as they will be able to make new connections with the optimum use of their responsible and well thought communication and tact whether within the country or foreign connections. 
  • Health for the individuals might get affected with problems such as skin problems or respiratory issues.
  • This is a good time for people working in the Information Technology, financial sectors or people involved in professions such as counseling, media, judiciary, teaching, etc. 

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Mercury Transit in Capricorn: Effective Remedies

  • Seek blessings of eunuchs.
  • Perform havan for the planet Mercury on Wednesdays.
  • Chant the Beej Mantra of Budh to appease planet Mercury.
  • Chant the Beej Mantra of Shani to appease Saturn.
  • Feed the poor or the needy.

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