These Remedies Will Bring Immense Benefits During Mercury Transit In Capricorn!

The planet Mercury is known to be the ultimate harbinger of highly positive traits such as intelligence, language, communication, reason, and intellect. The prosperous planet Mercury is also the ruling planet of Gemini and Virgo and is going to transit the zodiac sign of Capricorn. In this blog, we will succinctly know about this transit; and the various effects that it will have on all the zodiac signs. By going through the depths of Vedic astrology, AstroSage has brought you these subtle and effective remedies by which you can strengthen the planet Mercury in your horoscope! So, let’s take a look at this detailed and ever-expressive blog without waiting any further.

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The Planet Mercury And Its Effects In Astrology

In astrology, the planet Mercury is considered to be a highly pious and beneficial planet. The ascendant zodiac sign of Mercury is the zodiac sign of Virgo; and its descendant zodiac sign is Pisces. The planet Mercury dominates and rules the zodiac sign of Gemini and Virgo, it also rules three Nakshatras out of twenty-seven and these are Ashlesha Nakshatra, Jyeshtha Nakshatra, and Revati Nakshatra. In astrology, every day is dedicated either to a God or to a planet; so, in accordance with this, the weekday dedicated to the planet Mercury is Wednesday. Doing worship of the planet Mercury on this day is considered to be auspicious. When Mercury exudes its favorable effects on natives, such people receive skills of intellect. With this, the higher effects of Mercury lands on our physicality and the sense of communication. So, let’s understand, what are the benefits that one receives when the planet Mercury is dominant in their horoscope! 

Strong Mercury: Auspicious Benefits

While knowing about the beneficial planet Mercury and its exalted relevance in astrology; we will now focus on what are all the benefits one receives when they have a strengthened Mercury in their horoscope. So, the natives with a dominant Mercury have elevated skills of communication, and they are sharp-witted. The natives are perceptive and are proficient in attracting hordes of people with their whip-smart speech. Not only are such natives talented in speech; they also have a great level of logical reasoning and are able to discern every matter logically and with good inference. Another area in which Mercury shows its progressive effects is the field of business; with its favorable effects, the natives are bound to receive success and show growth in business. As every coin has an opposite side, the planet Mercury has its negative effects too, so, let’s take a look at them!

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Weak Mercury: Negative Effects

The weak effects of Mercury show its definite impacts on natives, and it makes them inadequate in all areas of life. These jinxed natives are affected in the areas of studies, communication, business, finance, and in other areas as well. The native in whose horoscope, Mercury is situated in a weak position, often come across a deficiency in their speech, and they are not able to express themselves clearly and effectively. As Mercury is the harbinger of intellect, the natives with weak Mercury often find themselves surrounded by mental and physical problems. Weak mentation and intellect capabilities are also latched onto such natives. The field of business also gets affected by the negative effects, and such natives also might come across financial shortfall. All kinds of worries of such natives can be solved as astrology is overflowing with effective remedies by which you can make Mercury strong in your horoscope. So, we have exclusively brought some of these for you, and by following them you can take advantage of Mercury!

Remedies To Increase The Strength Of Mercury

The North direction belongs to the planet Mercury, and Kuber, the Lord of Wealth, is positioned in this particular direction as well. Apart from this, Lord Vishnu is also represented by the planet Mercury. So, when the planet is strengthened one is bound to receive its positive effects. Let’s take a look at the remedies! 

  • On Wednesday, worship the planet Mercury. 
  • Donate brass, blue-colored flowers and clothes, and green grass on Wednesday.
  • According to astrology, to make peace with Mercury, one can also wear the Emerald stone. It would be beneficial for you if you take a consultation with a learned astrologer before wearing any type of gemstone. 
  • In order to strengthen Mercury, natives can also possess 4 faced-Rudraksha or 10 faced-Rudraksha.
  • The planet Mercury is blessed by Lord Vishnu, so to gain its favor, one must worship Lord Vishnu with complete devotion and rituals.
  • Recite this Mantra daily: oṃ buṃ budhāya namaḥ:

Mercury Transit In Capricorn: Date And Time

We have discussed in detail about Mercury and what are its negative and positive effects, and the remedies by which one can strengthen Mercury; now we’ll find out about this transit. The planet of prosperity, Mercury will transit in the tenth zodiac sign of the cycle, Capricorn on 28th December, 2022, Wednesday at 04:05 am. With this transit the effects will shed upon all the signs, and below you will find all the remedies according to each zodiac sign!

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Mercury Transit In Capricorn: Zodiac Based Remedies


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