Mercury Transit In Capricorn (7 Feb); Boon For These Zodiacs!

Mercury Transit 2023: The celestial movements of planets and constellations are given more weight in Vedic Astrology. Every area of our existence is definitely impacted by the motions of these celestial bodies, and their effects are profound and broad in scope as well. The planet Mercury is going to transit in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, and the effect of this transit will be seen on every zodiac sign of the zodiac cycle. As we know the planet Mercury is the benefactor of language and reason and is considered to be one of the most beneficial planets in astrology. So, this blog will provide clear insight into those zodiac signs who will get tremendous benefits, as when Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, transits Capricorn, the sign of duty and perseverance. Let’s move forward and know when this amazing transit will take place!

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Mercury Transit In Capricorn: Date & Time

The ruling lord of the zodiac signs of Gemini and Virgo, the planet Mercury, after leaving the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, will transit in the zodiac sign of Capricorn, on 7th February 2023, at 7:11 am. One of the most advantageous planets in astrology, Mercury holds great importance. Its influences can affect a person greatly, if it’s in a strong position in your horoscope, it will provide you with incredible speech, strong intellect, and many other benefits. So, let’s take a look at those zodiac signs who are going to have a shower of benefits with this transit!

Zodiac Signs Who Are In For A Beneficial Ride!


For the powerful natives of Ram, the planet Mercury is the ruling lord of their third and sixth houses. With this transit, Mercury will come into your tenth house, and will bring multiple benefits. The natives will achieve great results in their finance, career, business, and familial relationships will blossom as well. During this time, your opposers will be defeated, as you will be able to move forward with vigor and strength in all spheres of your life, due to the blessings of Mercury. 


For the natives of the twins, Mercury is the ruling lord of their first and fourth houses. With this transit, Mercury will come into your eighth house, and favors will come from all sides. The natives will gain financially and from unexpected means as well. Your career will progress and so will your societal growth. Significant improvement can be expected from the side of your in-laws, as they will be by your side. 

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The planet that influences our minds, Mercury, with this transit will come into your sixth house, Leo natives. Mercury rules your second and eleventh houses, and during this time, your hard work will give you positive results. Natives who are working from nine to five will get good outcomes, and their careers and authority in the workplace will progress as well. The natives must take good control of their expenses during this period as they might rise. From a business perspective, good profits will come from investments and you will get relieved from debt. Personal life will prosper as well. 


For the natives of Libra, Mercury rules their ninth and twelfth houses; and with this transit it will come into your fourth house. These charming natives will get brilliant outcomes from this transit as their finances and their relations with their mother will significantly improve. Purchase of a property or a house during this period could be done. Joy and peace will prevail in your family, and from a health viewpoint there will be good progress. 


With this transit, Mercury is coming into your second house, and it rules your seventh and tenth houses. The Sagittarians will come across good opportunities of earning and saving money during this period. The natives will come to possess precious metals, and will get good food during this time as well. You will also get financial benefits from your partner as well. Speech and health must be given precedence as they might land you in a problematic situation. 


With this transit, Mercury is coming into your eleventh house, and is the ruling lord of your fourth and seventh houses. During this highly beneficial time, these mystical natives will get the support of their siblings in great terms, and their desires will get fulfilled as well. Significant progress will be seen in business, land acquisition, finances, health, and interpersonal relationships. Students will get brilliant results as well!

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