Mercury Transit In Capricorn 2024: These Zodiacs Will Prosper

Transit refers to a planet leaving one zodiac sign and entering another. Mercury, the provider of business, will transit through Capricorn in February. Saturn rules Capricorn. Aside from that, in astrology, Saturn and Mercury have a friendly relationship. 

In such a case, what impact will this amazing transit have on the lives of all zodiac signs, and what steps should be taken by those zodiac signs who will suffer adverse effects, this special AstroSage blog is here to help. This can help you understand what the Mercury transit in Capricorn will bring.With this in mind, this special blog post from AstroSage provides you with information about what to do in this kind of situation, including how this amazing transit will affect the lives of all zodiac signs and what precautions those signs who will be negatively impacted by it should take. This can help you to anticipate what the Mercury transit in Capricorn will bring.

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Symptoms Of Weak Mercury

The symptoms of weak Mercury in the horoscope are:

  • In the body of such an individual, illnesses of all types begin to arise.
  • Sexual impotence brought on by sexually transmitted infections
  • The ability to digest starts to decline.
  • stomach ache begins
  • Hair, teeth, and nails start to weaken and break.
  • Such individuals start to lose their hearing.
  • They face difficulty in speaking.
  • Failure in business
  • Problems at work
  • Relationships between aunt and sister begin to deteriorate
  • One is defamed even if they do nothing wrong.

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Reasons Which Exploit Mercury

Now the question arises: why does Mercury become bad or afflicted? Mercury’s negative influence on the horoscope can be attributed to various factors, including insulting Ganesh and Durga Mata.

  • If someone disrespects his sister, aunt, or uncle, it diminishes the planet Mercury. 
  • Even if you earn money dishonestly or defraud someone, the planet Mercury can weaken.
  • Tobacco and alcohol use is also bad for Mercury.
  • In addition, offending eunuchs may incur the wrath of the planet Mercury.

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Mercury Transit In Capricorn: Time 

First and foremost, when it comes to time, in Vedic astrology, Mercury is considered the planet responsible for intelligence and speech, and this vital planet will transit Capricorn on February 1, 2024, at 2:08.

Before we get into its effect on the zodiac signs, let us first discuss the significance of Mercury in astrology and why it is regarded as vital to be strong in the horoscope.

Mercury Planet Significance In Astrology

As previously stated, in Vedic astrology, Mercury is regarded the planet responsible for intelligence and communication. In such cases, persons with a strong planet Mercury in their horoscope have success in business; their brain is acute, and they find it easy to remember and grasp things. Aside from that, such persons are experts in mathematics.

However, if Lord Mercury is influenced by unlucky planets, various troubles begin to arise in the people’ lives. Especially when it is associated with Rahu, Ketu, or Mars, it has a bad impact on the people’ lives. If Mercury and Mars align, these people appear to be lacking intelligence. Such individuals become impulsive and aggressive in temperament. Furthermore, the unfavorable planets’ influence begins to have an impact on people’s health.

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This is why those who have low Mercury levels should take preventative steps right away. However, when a planet is in an unlucky position in the horoscope, astrologers think it sends several types of signals to the individual. So, using these indications, we may determine whether your horoscope is weak and, if so, what steps you should do.

Remedies To Strengthen Mercury  Planet

After we’ve discussed the symptoms and causes of weak Mercury, let’s look at what steps can be performed to strengthen Mercury.

  • If Mercury is weak or afflicted in your horoscope, you should begin to worship Lord Ganesha and Maa Durga on a daily basis.
  • Maintain positive relationships with aunts, daughters, sisters, aunties, and sisters-in-law.
  • Feed the cow bread on Wednesday.
  • Donate Moong Daal.
  • Don’t earn money dishonestly or defraud somebody.
  • Make sure to set aside some of your food for a cow, a dog, and a crow.
  • If possible, donate a green saree and wedding supplies to eunuchs. This strengthens the planet Mercury as well.
  • Recite Ganesha Atharvashirsha. 
  • Wear emeralds. However, before wearing any gemstone, contact an expert astrologers.
  • Now, let’s see how Mercury’s transit in Capricorn will affect your zodiac sign. 

Now, let’s see how Mercury Transit in Capricorn will affect your zodiac sign. 

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