Mercury Transit In Cancer: Who Will Benefit & Who Needs To Be Careful?

Like the Sun in astrology, Mercury has the status of a very important planet. Recently, on 16 July, Sun entered Cancer late at night, and now after a gap of just a few hours, Mercury is also going to enter the Cancer sign. So, what will be the effect of this Mercury transit, and for whom this transit is going to be auspicious, we will be providing you this information through this blog.

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Mercury Transit In Cancer: Time & Duration

According to Vedic Astrology, Mercury is considered to be the smallest planet but even after having a small size, this planet is still very impactful because, this planet is responsible for communication, expressions, and speech. Apart from this, Mercury is also considered to be the benefactor of intelligence. So, those natives who have a weak Mercury in their horoscope, have less intellectual skills.

With different qualities, this Mercury planet will transit in Cancer on 17th July. If we talk about its time and duration then, Mercury will transit into Cancer on 17th July 2022, late-night around 12:01, and will remain there till the morning of 1 August 2022 around 3:38 am till the time it transits in Leo sign.

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Merits Of Having A Strong Mercury In Horoscope

Planet Mercury is considered to be the prince of the planets. So, it is said that those natives who have a strong Mercury in their Horoscope, have a very good voice. They get success in their life on the basis of their knowledge. Such people get success in business, they impress everyone with their speech and they are very good at calculations/ mathematics.

Contrary to this, those natives who have a weak Mercury in their horoscope, have to face many physical and mental issues and they also face issues in their job and they stay confused in life.

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Impact Of Mercury Transit In Cancer

This Mercury transit is going to happen in the 1st house, which is the Ascendant house. During this transit the business people will get benefits, employed people will be able to perform well in their work, and the natives of this zodiac sign who are associated with social work will have more workload but despite this, they will be seen helping each other. During this transit period, the natives may also get a chance to travel abroad.

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Remedies To Make Mercury Strong In Horoscope

  • Those natives who have Mercury in a weak state in their horoscope are advised to wear Emerald. If you are wearing an Emerald gemstone, then get it set in gold or silver and then wear it on your little finger. (Though we recommend that any gemstone should be worn only after consulting a learned astrologer).
  • To strengthen Mercury and get favorable results one can wear 4 Mukhi Rudraksha.
  • Donate essential items and clothes to a trans person on Wednesday.
  • If possible, observe fast on Wednesday.
  • Chant the Tantric mantra or the Beej Mantra of Mercury on Wednesday.
  • Incorporate more and more green color in your life and feed cows, especially with fresh green fodder.

Now, let’s move ahead and know the impact of this Mercury transit on the lives of natives of all the 12 zodiac signs, who need to be conscious, and for which signs this transit will bring happiness.

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Mercury Transit in Cancer Horoscope 


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