Mercury Transit In Cancer (17 July): Impact On The Share Market

According to astrology, Mercury gets the title of the Prince among all the planets, which is also considered to be the planet of communication. Out of all the 12 signs, this planet is ruled by Gemini and Virgo. Of all the planets, Venus and Rahu are considered to be the best friends of Mercury, whereas, the Moon is the enemy. Apart from this, journeys with short distances, all kinds of learning and knowledge, devices for communication, education, and more are the factors associated with Mercury. 

Mercury is the closest to the sun and the duration of the Mercury transit from one zodiac to another is the shortest. Generally, Mercury stays in a particular zodiac for about 21 days. This is the only planet that has its effects on the person according to the nature of that planet it comes in contact with. In simple terms, Mercury with favorable planets gives good results whereas Mercury in conjunction with the malefic planets gives bad results.

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Time Period Of Mercury Transit In Cancer  

Mercury is considered to be the benefactor of education, business, reasoning, speech, intelligence, communication skills, and the skin. On 17 July 2022 at 12:01 am on Sunday, after leaving its sign, Gemini will enter its enemy planet Moon and enter the zodiac sign of Cancer. Cancer is a water element, while Mercury is an earth element. In such a scenario, the transit of Mercury in Cancer will not only show its effect on all the 12 zodiac signs but will also bring many big changes across the globe.

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Mercury Transit In Cancer Will Make “Budhaditya Yoga”

During the Mercury transit in Cancer, Mercury will meet with the Sun that is already present there. Due to this conjunction of Mercury-Sun, there is a formation of “Budhaditya Yoga” in Cancer. Budhaditya Yoga is one of the most auspicious and beneficial yoga among all the yogas. According to AstroSage astrologers, because of this yoga, the natives of the Cancer zodiac will likely have their prestige increased. During this transit, many famous leaders from this yoga will be seen sharing the discussion on a certain topic with the people through their tweets or messages. However, there might be some physical problems such as changing weather that may bother the Cancer natives during this time, so they are advised to take care of themselves.

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Mercury Will Be Sighted By Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn 

On 17 July, when Mercury transits in Cancer, it will conjunct with the Sun. On the other hand, there will be Jupiter’s 5th sight on Mercury in Cancer and the 4th sight of Mars along with Saturn’s Saptam Purna sight on Mercury. While this position of the planets will indicate the loss of life and property due to the natural events in some states across the country, there will be a boom in the stock market from the point of view of these planets. In such a case, it’s going to be the most appropriate time for the investors to reap the profits immediately.

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The Impact Of Various Zodiac Signs On Mercury Transit In Cancer

  • During the transit of Mercury in Cancer, this phase, especially for the students of Aries, Gemini, Virgo, and Scorpio, will create the possibility of getting good results.
  • However, the students of Leo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, and Aquarius are advised to be a little careful.
  • Because the lord of Mercury can trouble the students of these zodiac signs, giving them more obstacles than usual related to their education. Especially the students who are studying mathematics, business, marketing, management, etc need to be more cautious.
  • Apart from this, this transit will bring mixed results for the students of the other zodiac signs.

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Remedies To Do On The Mercury Transit In Cancer

  • Worship Lord Vishnu regularly.
  • Observe fast on Wednesday as per the rituals and chant the Beej Mantra of the Mercury “Om Bram Breem Broum Saha Budhay Namah”.
  • Recite Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra every Wednesday.
  • Wear green clothes as much as possible. 
  • Do the business with complete honesty and stay away from fraud and shortcuts. 
  • Serve the cow every Wednesday and feed green grass or spinach to the cow. 
  • Donate mercury-related things like spinach, reading material, green moong, bronze utensils, blue flowers, and green and blue clothes to the needy and poor people.
  • To attain the auspicious results from the Mercury planet, the students should wear Emerald Stone.
  • With this, wearing Char Mukhi or Dus Mukhi Rudraksha is also recommended to clear the doshas related to the Mercury planet and to clear all the negative impacts.

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