The Transit of Mercury into Cancer sign, Know What’s in Store!

Amongst all the nine planets, Mercury is regarded as a Prince which is directly related to one’s intellect and it will change its position on Sunday, August 2. This transit of Mercury will be in Cancer on August 2 at 03:22 and will remain in this sign till August 17 at 08: 18. Apart from the transit of Mercury, there is another event which will make this month more special and that is AstroSage’s Rakhi Bumper Sale. You can avail many exciting offers here. So, hurry up and click on the button given below to know more about this.

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Mercury is considered to be a factor of intellect, skin, occupation etc. A person always does the right thing by taking appropriate decisions in social, spiritual and family life, although by coming into contact with cruel planets and, he/she sometimes starts coming into contact with some harmful effects. So let us know what effects this transit of Mercury will have on the natives of all zodiac signs.

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