Mercury Transit In Aries Can Create Tensions In Your Love Life!

Mercury Transit In Aries: According to Vedic Astrology, each planet of the Solar system changes its zodiac after a set period, which in the astrological language is known as a planetary transit. The transit of the planets leads to favorable or unfavorable results that influence humans. Some make progress in life due to the impact of these transits while others may have to bear negative results. 

This time, in the month of May, Mercury is going to transit which can heavily influence the love lives of some zodiac. In this blog, we would like to tell you the date and time of Mercury transit in Aries and the zodiacs who may have to face troubles in their love life during this transit. 

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Date And Time Of Mercury Transit In Aries 

The planet of intelligence and learning ability, Mercury will move to Aries on 10th May 2024 in the evening at 06:39 pm. This transit of Mercury will leave an impact on all the various spheres of life of the natives. The impact of this planet is seen on the love life, health, financial situation, and business of a native. 

Due to Mercury transit in Aries, the natives of some zodiacs may have to face difficulties in their love life. So, before introducing those zodiacs who may have to face problems in love life due to the change in the position of Mercury, let’s first know the importance of Mercury in Vedic Astrology. 

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Importance of Mercury In Vedic Astrology 

In Vedic Astrology, Mercury is known as the planet of change or transformation. It is a neutral planet and always behaves or gives results according to the zodiac sign and house in which it is present. If this planet is aspected by an inauspicious planet or there is a conjunction between Mercury or an inauspicious planet, then the natives can get negative effects out of it. 

The nature of this planet is Vata or airy. Mercury is the ruling planet of Virgo and Gemini and it represents intelligence and communication skills. In Vedic Astrology, in the birth chart of Kaal Purush, Mercury is the lord of the third and sixth houses and is the factor of the fourth and tenth houses. The fourth house belongs to happiness and the tenth house is for profession and career. So, without further ado, let’s know the natives of which zodiac signs need to be careful in their love life during the Mercury transit in Aries. 

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These Zodiacs’ Love Life Can Be Tough


The Aries natives are the first in the list of those who may have problems in their love life due to Mercury’s transit in Aries. It will be hard for you to maintain the sweetness of your relationship. There are chances of bitterness between you and your partner. Disagreements and the mutual fights between the two of you may keep on increasing. Overall, this transit of Mercury is not going to be favorable for the love lives of the Aries zodiac. 

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After Aries, Taurus natives need to stay careful in their love lives. For the Taurus natives, Mercury is the ruling lord of the second and fifth house and now it will move to your twelfth house. During this transit, you will get to see a lot of uncertainties with your partner. There can be disputes and disagreements between the two of you. And, because of this reason, you will be stressed out. You are advised to resolve the conflicts between the two of you. 

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According to Vedic Astrology, the cancer natives need to stay alert regarding their love life due to the Mercury transits in Aries. Mercury is the ruling lord of your third and twelfth house and now it will move to your tenth house. If we talk about your love life, then problems related to ego may arise between you and your partner. Due to this, you may even get stressed and can feel very disturbed as well. 

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For the Scorpio natives, Mercury is the ruling lord of the eighth house and eleventh house and now it will transit in the sixth house. The atmosphere at home can be extremely disturbed. There are possibilities of extreme disputes in your family or disagreements amongst the family members. Talking about your love life, there can be a decrease and enthusiasm between you and your partner in this period. And, because of this reason only, the peace and happiness of your married life will be disturbed. This duration can be a bit hard on you. 

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Mercury transit in Aries can make you very arrogant or egoistic and its negative impact will be seen on your relationship. Unnecessary problems may arise between you and your partner. The mutual coordination between the two of you may not be very good as well. Apart from this, you and your partner may face difficulty in understanding each other. 

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