Mercury Transit In Aries: The ‘Prince’s’ Command for the Nation

Mercury Transit In Aries: AstroSage endeavors and strives hard to produce good content every day so that our readers are updated with every small and big change in the astrological movements of planets, their transits and their impacts on the world, the nation, the zodiac signs and even on individuals. Like every other blog, in this blog too we would like to present you with crisp and informative content. 

Scientifically, Mercury is a small and fast moving planet and is also the closest to the Sun even in distance. Likewise, even in Astrology, Mercury is considered the smallest planet and the quickest to transit. Mercury is intelligent and curious in nature and rules over an individual’s intellect.  If negatively placed in someone’s horoscope it can make you indecisive, give anxiety and clouded thoughts and health or speech related problems.

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Mercury is transiting in Aries on 31st March and this blog by AstroSage is dedicated to the nationwide impacts it would have on different events. We will also read about the effective remedies of Mercury for a positive overall impact.  

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Mercury Transit In Aries: Timing

Mercury, like all other planets in astrology, takes approximately 28 days to transit from one sign to another. On 31st March, 2023, at 14:44 Mercury will transit in Aries. Let us read further to know what impacts would Mercury transit in Aries have on our nation and also shed light on some easy to follow remedies. Let’s get going. 

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Mercury Transit In Aries: From India’s Perspective

  • Many multinational companies may invest in India during this time and employment will be boosted.
  • India may witness a higher number of students traveling abroad for studies during this period. 
  • Spiritual practices and the number of people taking interest in spirituality may increase during this phase.
  • During this period India may not be able to make use of its intelligence and its other skills and lack in some aspects or the leaders and the government may take decisions which may not reap as good results as expected. 
  • Some foreign countries could try to create problems for India but we will be able to combat the situation tactfully.

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  • The export business owners may thrive but could experience some delays in receiving money from overseas. 
  • However people involved in the speculative businesses may face some troubles. Caution is advised. 
  • Artists, painters, sculptors, music directors, etc may thrive during this phase in India.
  • Indian musical instruments may garner fame overseas and may see a rise in demand for Indian musical instruments worldwide.  
  • The creative fields in India may see a rise and a boom for sure.

Mercury Transit In Aries: Remedies For A Beneficial Impact Of Mercury

  • Worship and Install the Budh Yantra
  • Seek blessings of young children.
  • Perform havan for Mercury (Budh)
  • Feed green fodder to cows.
  • Make donations towards the Transgender communities

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