Mercury Transit in Aries: The Impact On All The 12 Zodiacs

Mercury Transit In Aries: The planet famous as Prince of all planets, Mercury is going to transit in Aries on 26th March 2024 and after that, on 09th April 2024 will move to its own zodiac sign. Mercury is known to be the planet of intelligence, studies, communication, business, and logic. Apart from this, information broadcasting, telecommunication, debate, etc. are also considered to be under the control of planet Mercury. Therefore, the transit of mercury in a debilitating zodiac sign is considered to have an effect on all of these factors. 

There can be uncertainties in all the mentioned factors because of this transit. Nonetheless, the presence of Mercury in Aries is going to be a friendly situation for the planet. Here, Jupiter and Mercury are going to be present together. Even though the relationship between Mercury and Jupiter is not considered good, still this situation will be favorable for the world of education and economy. This is the reason that we may perhaps experience price uncertainties in the market, especially the graph of positivity may remain high.

Come, let’s discover what impact the zodiac change of Mercury leaves on all the 12 zodiacs. 

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Mercury Transit In Aries: Impact On All The 12 Zodiac Signs And Remedies 


Mercury is the ruling lord of your third and sixth house and will transit in the first house. Although it is in its friendly zodiac, still you need to keep control over how you communicate. You are advised to not badmouth anyone and not even be a party to someone who is bad-mouthing someone else, otherwise, you may have to experience the weakness in your relations. It would be wise to treat your relatives right. It will be important to show great politeness while talking on the telephone etc. It would also be wise to avoid deliberately arguing with anyone. 

Remedy: Recite Ganpati Atharvashirsha regularly.


Mercury rules the second and fifth house of the Taurus natives and at present, it will move to your twelfth house. The Mercury transit in the twelfth house is not considered auspicious. Nevertheless, because of being under the influence of the ruling lord of the house of profit, Mercury may not give you very unfavorable results but still, you should refrain from taking any kind of risk in your financial matters.  Also, keep a check on the relationship with your lover, you should not let it get worse. It would be nice to keep yourself away from tensions and stress-free as well. 

Remedy: Apply saffron (Kesar) Tilak regularly. 

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Mercury is the lord of your ascendant house or your zodiac and also the lord of your fourth house however, at present it is going to transit in your house of profit. The transit of the ruling lord of the ascendant house or zodiac lord to the house of profit is a sign of being profitable in a lot of aspects. Therefore, this mercury transit will help in increasing your income. In the case of doing business, the chances of getting profits in business will be stronger. The health will generally be better and there can be happiness coming from your children and friends. 

Remedy: Feed green spinach to the cow. 


Mercury is the ruling lord of your third and twelfth house and currently, it will move to your tenth house. Therefore, you can expect favorability from this transit. This transit of Mercury will help you in getting a prestigious position. You will be seen in a better condition compared to your opponents and competitors. If you are running a business, then there are even chances of making profits in the business as well, however, there may be a few expenses but the percentage of profit will be higher. During this period, the trips will also turn out fruitful for you. 

Remedy: Donate milk and rice to a temple 


For the Leo natives, Mercury is the ruling lord of the house of profit and currently, it will move to your house of fortune. Generally, this transit in the house of fortune may not be considered favorable. Nevertheless, the transition of the ruling lord of the house of profit to the house of fortune can be really good for getting immersed in religious activities. Also, the support of your father or father-like figure may be proven fruitful for you. But, even after all of these, it wouldn’t be wise to seek support from your luck and you are advised to do your work with utmost dedication and focus. You should refrain from doing anything that hurts your honor and respect. 

Remedy: Fill a clay utensil with mushrooms and donate it to a temple. 

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Mercury is the lord of your ascendant house or your zodiac sign and also the ruling lord of your Karma house and is currently transiting in your eighth house. Although the mercury transit in the eighth house is considered auspicious, the movement of the lord of the ascendant house or zodiac to the eighth house may create certain hindrances in matters of health. Especially, in a situation when Mercury is aspected by Saturn. Therefore, you need to work in moderation, only then you can expect good results. If you live with wisdom, then there are chances of success and respect in society as well. Also, there are chances of getting sudden financial gains. 

Remedy: Offer green clothes and green bangles to trans people. 


Mercury is the ruling lord of your house of fortune/lucky and the twelfth house, at present, it will move to your seventh house which may not be considered favorable. And, on top of that, it is the movement of the twelfth house to the seventh house. There may be certain problems or losses in a business and the chances of disputes and arguments between partners. The Libra natives are advised to not have any kind of dispute with people associated with government administration during the transit of Mercury. It would also be wise to have control over your speech and it is advised to not make a major business investment as it may not be the best for you during this transit. 

Remedy: Recite Ganesha Chalisa regularly. 


Now, Mercury is the ruling planet of the eighth house and house of profit in your natal chart and, at the moment, it is moving to your sixth house. This transit in the sixth house will be said to be favorable in many aspects. Therefore, you can expect favorable results. Most importantly, the employed natives will be witnessed doing really great and, in matters of business, there can be good results after certain obstacles. You will be seen doing better than your opponents or competitors. This transit will also help in increasing your respect and honor and during this transit, the natives who are associated with the field of literature, art, writing or teaching may get several favorable outcomes. 

Remedy: Worship girls and seek their blessings. 

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Mercury is the ruling lord of your seventh house and the tenth house, at present, it will move to your fifth house. In general, the Mercury transit in the fifth house is not said auspicious because this kind of planetary transit may cause a mental disturbance. It may happen to disrupt your plans and cause some problems in child-related matters, but due to Mercury being associated with Jupiter, it will also give you good results. The Sagittarius students would get really great results. You may also get a good opportunity to meet or talk with your loved one. That means this transit of Mercury can give you mixed results.

Remedy: Feed green fodder to the cow.


Mercury is the ruling lord of your sixth house and the house of luck, while at present, it will move to your fourth house. The Mercury transit in the fourth house is generally said to be favorable. Therefore, you may expect favorability in disputes concerning houses or land. From the support of father or father-like people, some good works can also go towards accomplishment. In accumulating household comfort and luxuries as well, this transit will be of great help. It will also help you befriend certain influential people too.

Remedy: Offer grains to sparrows.

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Mercury is the ruling lord of the fifth and eighth house for the Aquarius natives and right now, it will move to your third house. This transit in the third house may produce mixed results for you. The Mercury transit may happen to involve you in arguments with your siblings or neighbors. Therefore, you need to be wise in these matters. In financial matters as well, it would not be wise to take any risk but this transit may be helpful in managing short trips. Also, this transit will be on your side to make new friends. 

Remedy: Offer help to buy medicines for Asthma patients. 


Mercury is the ruling lord of the fourth and seventh house of the Pisces natives, at the moment, it will move to your second house. The Mercury’s movement in the second house is generally said to be favorable. In such circumstances, you will witness a lot of favorability in matters related to your household. By spending some money, you may collect the comfort and luxury of your home. There are chances of making plans to buy jewelry and other things. This transit will be able to give good results to students. The transit of Mercury can also be quite helpful in providing good food and getting benefits through relatives. 

Remedy: Remain pure and virtuous by giving up meat, alcohol, and eggs, etc. 

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