Mercury Transit in Aquarius (March 6, 2022): Which Signs Will be Fateful?

Mercury is regarded as the messenger of Gods and is known for its swiftness and speed. It is the fastest planet to orbit around the Sun, in just 88 days. It rules two zodiac signs namely Virgo and Gemini.

Mercury is a representation of principles like mentality, communication, adaptability, thinking patterns, and variability. It governs siblings and cousins, education and schooling, the immediate environment of neighbors, etc. Mercury emits energetic vibes, which can either be good or bad for the natives of different zodiac signs depending upon its placement.

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It is a dual-natured planet and influences different body parts including, ears, arms, lungs, skin, nervous system, etc. It is enemies with the moon but friendly with Rahu, Sun, and Venus. It is debilitated in Pisces and exalted in Virgo. If adversely placed in the charts of a native, it results in poor grasping power, communication issues, speech problems, and dullness. But its strong placement leads to wisdom, cleverness, business mind, and mathematical skills. The natives who want to make Mercury stronger worship Lord Vishnu.

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Mercury Transit in Aquarius: March 6, 2022

Mercury, the Karak planet of trade, commerce, and speech, will transit in the sign of Aquarius on Sunday, March 6, 2022, at 11:31 am. Mercury will stay in the same sign till next year.

Let’s find out how this transit will affect the natives of different zodiac signs.

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For Aries natives, Mercury rules over the third house of siblings, strength and courage…Read More


For Taurus natives, Mercury rules the second house of immediate family, wealth and theRead More


For Gemini natives, Mercury is the ascendant and the tenth house lord. Thus it owns theRead More


For Cancer natives, Mercury holds the lordship of the third house of efforts, siblings and communicationRead More

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For the Leo natives, Mercury is a planet of wealth as it owns the second house of wealthRead More


For the Virgo natives, Mercury is the ascendant lord, it also upholds the lordship of the tenthRead More


For Libra natives, Mercury rules over the twelfth house of expenditures, travel and  ninth houseRead More

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For the Scorpio native, Mercury rules the eighth house of fluctuations, heritage and eleventhRead More


For Sagittarius natives, Mercury owns the kendras. It rules over the seventh house of associationsRead More


For Capricorn natives, Mercury presides over the sixth house of services, competition andRead More


For Aquarius natives, Mercury rules over the fifth house of entertainment, studies, childrenRead More


For Pisces natives, Mercury owns the lordship of the fourth house of mother, happiness, landRead More

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