Mercury Transit In Aquarius: Which Zodiac’s Career Will Flourish?

Mercury Transit 2023: Mercury is regarded as a neutral planet in astrology. Mercury is the planet that matters the most for a person’s inner qualities and flaws. Mercury is often referred to as your wisdom, or Budh (Buddhi). Mercury forces you to use your thoughts in the right or the wrong way as per Mercury’s placement in your natal chart. Mercury is the planet that governs a person’s memory, analytical abilities, reaction, learning, grasping capacity, central nervous system, body language, impression, etc. It brings a great drive to explore and learn new things. 

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Mercury encourages communication in the native. Mercury’s role in our lives begins at a very young age. It rules the most crucial areas of a person’s life, including speech, nature, logic, comprehending ability, and relationships. Mercury is a planet that, in a person’s later years, eventually adds to the advantages of Jupiter. Mercury is the ruler of two zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo and rules three Nakshatras: Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati.

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At Astrosage, we strive hard to provide our readers with information regarding the latest events and the smallest changes in the moments of the planets in astrology. This blog is dedicated to how Mercury Transit In Aquarius will affect all 12 zodiac signs in Vedic Astrology. Mercury will transit in Aquarius on 27th February, 2023 at 16:33 hours. Let us now see how this transit would impact all zodiac signs from Aries to Pisces. The point to remember here is that the predictions are done keeping only the career aspect in mind as Mercury transit in Aquarius enhances the professional aspects more than other things based on the significations of the planet Mercury and the Saturn ruled zodiac sign of Aquarius.  

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Mercury Transit In Aquarius: Impact On Career Of 12 Zodiac Signs 


Mercury will now transit through your 11th house of Aquarius. You could gain huge profits with the right use of your logical analytics and the right amount of effort. Your professional network would be of great help to you in excelling your career forward during Mercury Transit In Aquarius. You could find a new job opportunity. The people involved in business can also reap the benefits of their effort in expanding the business. This phase will also help in boosting the confidence of Aries.


As Mercury transits to your 10th house this is a time when your bosses will appreciate and notice your work and efforts. You will be cool headed and complete your tasks with utmost ease and perfection during Mercury Transit In Aquarius. The people involved in business would explore new areas of business. Even people doing regular jobs would be able to find extra sources of earning.

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Geminis, your ascendant lord is now transiting through your 9th house. It’s a time to rejoice as fate is now in your favor. People working in real estate would benefit a lot. You will be able to rise in society and earn a good name for yourself. People doing regular jobs could get international offers right now with this Mercury Transit In Aquarius. Businessmen could take their businesses to the international forum. This is a great transit so make full use of it.


Mercury for Cancer natives is moving to the 8th house of ups and downs. Prepare yourself to do the hard work and face some failures during Mercury Transit In Aquarius. You might not be able to concentrate on your work and lose track most of the time. Be ready to persevere and get back to work every time you feel off track. If you keep putting in effort you will sail through these difficult times.


Mercury for Leo natives is the lord for the 2nd and 11th houses and both these houses have a connection with wealth and the 7th house is connected to business. During Mercury Transit In Aquarius, Mercury moves to the 7th house of Leo natives so this is an excellent time for business owners. Their business aptitude will increase and their business ideas will reap profits for them. This is a time where people engaged in private jobs will find the desired opportunities and financial growth as well. 


As Mercury transits to the 6th house it will have a great impact on the people involved in the field of law and judiciary. People who have any litigation charges or any cases pending can have the results coming in their favor during Mercury Transit In Aquarius. If professionals are looking to upskill themselves or give any competition they will definitely come out victorious. 


This transit of Mercury in your 5th house is an excellent time for those Libra natives who are specifically involved in the media, writing, journalism, acting, arts, designing, etc. You would be able to grab new deals in business if you are a business owner. People in the engineering field would gain from Mercury Transit In Aquarius in terms of new opportunities. 

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This is a time to enjoy comforts and luxuries for Scorpio natives as Mercury transits to your 4th house. During the Mercury Transit In Aquarius, you will make full use of your resources and excel in your work whether you are a salaried person or a business owner. Increment of salary or overall gains in profits are on the cards. Make full use of this time. But your mother’s health could disturb your mental peace.


You will benefit from traveling to different places related to work, financially or spiritually as the lord of the 7th and the 10th house moves to the 3rd house. Your effort to get things accomplished will increase. Your business will flourish during Mercury Transit In Aquarius as you will be able to make full use of your analytical mind and business aptitude. People engaged in private jobs, your bosses and authorities will also be in awe of your work during this transit. It is a good time to start something new. 


This is a time to gain financial profits and enjoy economic stability Capricorns as Mercury transits to your 2nd house of earnings. You will be able to complete all your incomplete tasks. Business trips or work related trips could bring you huge financial gains and bonus during Mercury Transit In Aquarius. If you find yourself stuck in some legal disputes results will finally be in your favor. 


Mercury, the lord of your 5th and 8th house transits to the 1st house is a great transit for people related to the occult field. With this Mercury Transit In Aquarius, you may get to experience a deep spiritual awakening or you may engage yourself deeper into studying the occult. Your children could be of great help to you. People working in the creative field or the people involved in the IT sector or innovation through technology may also greatly benefit through this transit.


Mercury Transit In Aquarius might not be a great one for Pisces natives as these people could experience an increase in expenditure and a sudden downfall in their earnings. People doing business might lose their money in some deal connected to the foreign lands. People doing regular jobs might find hurdles in their progress and a sudden blockage in their path towards success. You shouldn’t worry though as everything will be fine after Mercury transits to Pisces in March. 

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