Mercury Transit In Aquarius: Favorable For 2 Zodiacs, Check Remedies

Mercury Transit In Aquarius: The celestial dynamics are set to shift as Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, makes its entry into Aquarius. While this Mercury Transit In Aquarius is expected to bring auspicious results for five zodiac signs, Aries and Pisces might face challenges. Let’s delve into the details of Mercury’s transit into Aquarius, the formation of a triple conjunction, and explore remedies to mitigate its negative effects.

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Mercury Transit In Aquarius: Date And Time 

As of now, the Sun and Saturn are positioned in Aquarius, and on February 20th at 5:48 AM, Mercury will join this cosmic gathering. This Mercury Transit into Aquarius will create a triple conjunction in Aquarius, promising favorable outcomes for five zodiac signs. However, Aries and Pisces individuals may encounter hurdles during this period.

Mercury Transit In Aquarius: Impact On 2 Zodiacs 


For Aries natives, the entry of Mercury Transit into Aquarius signals a challenging phase. Despite your hard work, success might elude you, and career advancements may be delayed. Ambitions you’ve been nurturing could face setbacks, dampening your enthusiasm. However, perseverance will eventually lead to long-term gains. Business professionals may find moderate success by exploring innovative approaches and staying resilient.

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Mercury Transit into Aquarius will amplify work-related pressures and increase expenses for Pisces individuals. Recognition may be elusive, and cooperation from colleagues and superiors might be limited. Maintaining motivation could prove challenging, and achieving sales targets may require extra effort. While the present may seem daunting, patience will be rewarded with future favorable developments.

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Remedies To Counter Mercury’s Negative Effects

  • Chant Mercury Mantra:  Regularly recite the Mantra ‘Om Bram Breem Broum Sah Budhaya Namah’ to appease Mercury and mitigate its adverse effects.
  • Feed Birds: Offering food to birds, especially parrots and pigeons, can pacify Mercury’s influence.
  • Cattle Feeding: Before meals, feed green fodder or grains to cows regularly. This practice is believed to enhance the positive effects of Mercury.
  • Donate Green Vegetables: Contribute leafy greens like spinach to the less fortunate or feed them to animals. This charitable act is believed to strengthen Mercury’s positive impact.
  • Soaked Green Gram for Birds: Wet green gram lentils and provide them to birds, reinforcing Mercury’s positive influence in your horoscope.

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While the entry of Mercury into Aquarius may present challenges for Aries and Pisces, proactive measures and adherence to remedial practices can help mitigate the negative impacts. Embracing patience, perseverance, and innovative strategies will be key during this celestial transition. As the cosmic energies realign, navigating these challenges will pave the way for brighter opportunities in the future.

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