Prince Mercury Transits In Gemini, Brings Major Transformations For These Signs

The Prince of the Nine Planets Mercury will enter Gemini, the zodiac sign representing the Air element, on Sunday, May 24, 2020, around 23:57 IST. Also, today marks the last day of the exclusive “Super Summer Salerolled out by AstroSage, where you get best deals, offers and discounts on a multitude of astrology services. Make the best use of this opportunity and find out what awaits you in the future.

Since Mercury is its own sign, the results can be rewarding for many natives. According to Vedic Astrology, the auspicious aspect or sight of Mercury indicates a beautiful body, sharp intelligence and strong logical ability, whereas on the other hand, a malefic Mercury gives rise to speech defects and weak logical sense. However, when the world is dealing with a pandemic named Coronavirus, this transit can prove to be life-altering and infuse a great deal of positivity in the lives of some natives.

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In such a situation, it is very important to know how Mercury’s transit on May 24 will affect the natives of twelve zodiac signs. Natives of which zodiac signs will be showered by luck, and who will face challenging situations, know now! Let us know in detail the effect of the influence of Mercury during this transit:

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The transit of Mercury will happen in the third house which represents communication, siblings and efforts for Aries natives. As…….Read More


Dear Taurus, the transit of Mercury in your second house of wealth, speech and family will bring mixed results. Taurus…….Read More


Gemini natives will host Mercury in their ascendant or first house which is also called the house of self…….Read More


The transit of Mercury in its twelfth house of expenditures and foreign travels will bring mixed results for the…….Read More

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Leo natives will host the Mercury in its own eleventh house of success and profit. Mercury also governs……Read More


Mercury will transit into its own tenth house for Virgo natives. From the tenth house we see the standing and progress…….Read More


The transit of Mercury in its own ninth house of fortune, luck, fate, spirituality and higher education will bring…….Read More


Scorpions will host Mercury in their house of transformation, changes, research and uncertainties. As…….Read More

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For sagittarius natives, Mercury will move into their house of spouse, partnerships and vocation. This….Read More


Capricorn natives will host the Mercury in their sixth house of competitions, enemies and diseases. This……Read More


Mercury will transit in the fifth house of intellect, offspring, love and romance. This position of Mercury……Read More 


Mercury will transit into the fourth house of happiness, Mother, home, luxuries and comforts for…….Read More

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We hope you have liked this blog on Mercury transit. Read the predictions and know how this planetary movement will change the direction of your life. This is your last day to use your golden chance and get huge deals on astrology services with AstroSage Super Summer Sale.

Thankyou for being with us! Stay safe and healthy!


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