Mercury Transit & Its Impact on Global Events

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As per the beliefs of astrology, the transits have a great influence on every person living on this earth. They play a vital role when they take place during the special occasions. In our country, Chaitra Navratri has already begun from April 13 and will last till April 22.

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During this, Mercury is going to transit on April 16 and its effect can be both positive and negative on all zodiac signs and the world as a whole. In this blog, you will get all the relevant information as regards to the transit but before that, let’s have a look at the astrological importance of Mercury.       

Mercury: Astrological Significance

Mercury is known to be the fastest of all nine planets. It is considered to be the representative of energy, intelligence, communication, writing, business, speech, etc. If the planet Mercury is in a favourable position in one’s horoscope, he/she can be a good orator or a good businessman. Besides this, the person appears to be attractive and old age signs appear very late in their life.     

The unfavourable position of Mercury encircles the person with challenges and mental problems. They are likely to face problems while interacting with others and in the context of Mathematics. Along with this, they suffer from skin diseases, hair fall, problems relating to ENT.    

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When will Mercury Transit Take Place in April?

Although the period of Mercury transit is short, it has a deep effect. In normal circumstances, the period of this transit is 14 days but in rare circumstances, the same (duration) can be longer. Mercury, the planet known for intelligence and wisdom, is going to transit in Aries on April 16, 2021 at 09:05 PM and will remain in the same zodiac sign till May 01, 2021 at 05:49 AM. Since Mars is the ruling lord of Aries and Mars and Mercury are enemies of each other, the transit is going to have a deep impact on common life. In such a situation, let’s move ahead and see what happens.       

Mercury: Impact on the World

During the transit of Mercury, you are likely to observe turbulence in the world. Since Mercury is considered to be the benefactor of communication, you can hear heated discussions on important issues on the TV channels and this will have a great effect on the world. There will be a lack of patience among people and they can appear to be more furious. There are chances of heated arguments among the countries and this may result in escalation of conflicts at the borders.     


Since the elections are going on in the country, the transit will have a deep influence. Harsh arguments can be heard from the politicians of several parties and their representatives. The parties can be seen busy in blaming and counter blaming each other and this can have a huge effect in elections. The situations will remain the same during this transit   


People have to be cautious about their health. Since Mercury is going to transit in Mars-ruled zodiac sign i.e. Aries, common people are likely to suffer from skin diseases. During this transit, you are advised to wear clean clothes and take special care in maintaining cleanliness in your dwelling places, otherwise, problems may aggravate. The problem related to hair fall can also be seen.    

Family Life

Mercury is the significator of intellect and the transit is going to take place in Aries, the fire element, this may lead to exchange of harsh words among family members. Misgivings can crop up in your married life and you will be unsuccessful in convincing your spouse in spite of your best efforts. There can be arguments and counter arguments among family members and long discussions can take place on trivial issues. This may lead to a tense atmosphere in the family and therefore. You are supposed to keep self restraint.      

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Financial Life

The impact of this transit is likely to be observed in the field of advocacy, writing, journalism, telecommunication, etc. However, the share market can have an upward trend. On the other hand, the transit may benefit financial institutions like banks etc. Overall, the transit is going to give mixed results on a financial front.     

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