Mercury To Enter Aries : Know your Transit Horoscope!

Mercury transit in Aries may bring some positive changes in your life. Find out what they are and how to combat its harshful impacts!

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On Saturday, 25th April at 2:26 AM in the morning, the dualistic planet will move out of the zodiac sign Aries and take a nest in the first sign of the Zodiac cycle, Aries. According to the Kaal Purush Kundli too, Aries is given the status of the ascendant sign. Apart from this, it is governed by the fire element. Hence, most natives can expect swiftness in their tasks when this particular transit takes place. 

Now, Mercury is considered to be a planet which is neutral in nature. Apart from this, it is also hailed as the prince in the domain of Vedic culture and astrology. Beliefs indicate that Mercury provides results according to its connections with its fellow residing planets of the solar system. 

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This means that if it gets posited with auspicious planets which are positive in nature, then one can expect favourable outcomes. On the other hand, if it remains seated with a malefic planet, it can very well be capable of initiating negative outcomes. For instance, you can suffer losses due to a negative tone getting attached to your speech and many others. 

However, it has lordship over Gemini and Virgo signs and it remains exalted in Virgo. On the other hand, it remains in a  debilitated state in the zodiac sign, Pisces.

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Mercury is the primary significator of trade ventures and business. Natives who remain under the influence of this planet tend to develop commendable rhetorical skills and abilities.

Such people also tend to look much younger than they actually are. Some tend to be quite timid and shallow because of this planet’s influence only. Nevertheless, as Mercury is also the significator of one’s skin, it can regulate some of its associated diseases too. 

So, let us now finally move on to the transit predictions. 

The predictions are based on your moon sign. Know your moon sign: Moon Sign


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