Corona Crisis and Mercury Transit : What Changes are in Store?

Mercury is considered a prince in the celestial cabinet. It is also given the status of the swiftest and fastest planet after the Moon in our solar orbit. Mercury remains closest to the Sun and governs logic, intelligence, communication and business sense. 

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It is also a planet that represents art, business and trade. In addition, its placement  in a horoscope can be in two forms, either it can be beneficial or can be malevolent. If it is beneficial, Mercury can increase your wit, humour, communication abilities, overall understanding and sense of harmony. 

Strong Mercury in the native’s Kundli can make a person really good and effective in communication and business and in creating better awareness with yourself, while weak Mercury can provide you with adverse results. Mercury takes approximately one year to complete to complete its cycle around the 12 zodiac signs. It remains around 14 to 30 days in one particular sign depending upon its motion whether it is retrograde or direct. 

Now, as we all know, the global pandemic Corona has caused an atmosphere of fear and skepticism all over the world. One third of the world’s population is unable to move out of their homes due to this pandemic outbreak. Scientists are constantly trying to free the world from Corona. 

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If we look at this virus outbreak from an astrological point of view, the Mercury planet situated in its debilitated state has made people very emotional,sentimental and imaginative during this epidemic, but due to the aspect of Saturn on Mercury, people are having problems in expressing their emotions correctly. 

Everybody feels restricted, tied down, lacking objectives and direction in their day to day lives. This tends to lead to frustration, anxiety and due to this planetary position, every person inside is troubled. Fear of the corona pandemic and adverse planetary positions are adding to the building of uncertainty and panic among people.

However, the transit of Mercury in Aries is likely to bring many good and significant  changes in the near future. The transit of the planet of analytical ability and observation will move from its debilitated sign Pisces on 25th May 2020 at 02:25am to the sign of the initiation and activity, Aries. 

Upon entering Aries, Mercury will move out of its debilitated state and will also be freed from the malefic aspect of Saturn. Mercury located in Aries will have the support and aspect of Mars, who  is said to be the commander in chief in the celestial cabinet. 

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Its aspect on the planet Mercury from its exalted state will bring excitement and activity in people, which will remove problems in communication and will help people connect with each other through many mediums. People who are facing difficulties in marriage or love relations are also likely to find better ways to express or communicate their feelings to their partner or beloved. 

As Maximum planets are in the movable signs during this transit, it indicates that making small changes in your lifestyle will help you feel better and active during this transit. Try to catch up with a book that you have not been able to read for a long time, it can help you find new ideas. As both the sign and the planet indicates youthful energy, if you can, then playing around with your looks can bring back the lost energy. As it is also the most energetic sign and with Mercury positioned in it indicates that you will be filled with creative ideas, so try and exchange them through different mediums,  it can bring about some new possibilities for your future.

This time is also good in terms of bridging communication gaps, so try to make groups and connect with people, whom you have not been able to connect with for a long time, this will help you feel great and may provide you with great opportunities. Also, try to make a note of the things like pending interviews and establish connection with the concerned people, it can lead to some better opportunities after the lock down. 

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Important Events that Can Take Place During this Transit

As we all know, Mercury is the “Varshesh” of the new year, Vikram samvat 2077, is moving from its debilitated state and malefic aspect of Saturn, to the sign of initiation and activity, Aries along with the king of Celestial cabinet, the Sun. This indicates that the misconceptions, fears, rumours around Coronavirus will start to fade away and more concrete news will start to appear. The government will be more vocal and transparent in communication with the people and will try out some new ways to strike a chord with them. 

The Most positive aspect of the transit is that in its initial stages, Mercury will be transiting in “Ashwini Naksahtra” which is governed by Ashwini kumars, who are also known as the ‘Gods of Medicine’. This indicates that scientists can find any good weapon to fight the corona virus during this period. 

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These Zodiac Signs Need to Remain Careful

Though, this transit of Mercury will be very good overall, but Aries, Taurus and Virgo are the zodiac signs that need to remain aware during this transit. As for Aries, Mercury, being their sixth house lord in ascendant and having the aspect of Mars can make them assertive or harsh in terms of communication, which can bring about some problems in personal and professional spheres. 

The health can also remain as a source of worry for some of the natives born under this sign of the Ram. Taurus, will host Mercury in their twelfth house of expenditures which indicates unprecedented expenditures and also some health problems for the natives born under this sign of the bull. For Virgo natives, this position of the Mercury will bring about some fast changes that can create some chaos and stress. This transit will also demand full focus and concentration on your health. 

For more information, read our detailed article on Mercury Transit in Aries. Click here to give it a read. 

We hope that you will appreciate this write up. Stay healthy and stay safe!!

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