Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction: 3 Zodiacs Will Be Lucky!

 AstroSage endeavors to produce quality content and also strives hard to bring even the smallest of Astrological events, planetary movements and conjunctions to the forefront for its readers to be able to stay updated from time to time about the latest happenings. In this blog we will read about the Mercury-Sun-Jupiter conjunction that will take place on the 16th of March, 2023 in the zodiac sign of Pisces and which zodiac signs will benefit from them.  

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Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction in Astrology

Mercury, Sun and Jupiter conjunction makes one extremely fearless and courageous in life. Such people want to gain knowledge and share wisdom. They do extremely well as guides, counselors, leaders, etc and are able to gather the masses. They usually choose professions where they write laws, contracts, agreements and religious texts and are often drawn towards law, spirituality and philosophy. They can be great administrators and government officers. Since the significator of wealth and the significator of Intelligence combine with the Sun It is definitely going to brighten up things for such individuals who have this conjunction in their horoscopes, if both are not combust.

 People with the conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in their horoscopes can earn immense name and fame in their respective chosen fields of careers. Jupiter provides wisdom and knowledge, Sun provides the authority and power and Mercury provides the intellect and knowledge to these individuals to be able to carry out their responsibilities with utmost perfection. They mostly have an authoritative and stern look with the heart of gold. 

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Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction: Timing

Jupiter, Sun and Mercury is an interesting conjunction as both represent similar things like knowledge, intellect, etc. They will conjunct together in the zodiac of Pisces on 16th of March at 10:33 AM.  This conjunction can bless the natives with immense knowledge, authority, logic and power Let us see how this conjunction will affect the 3 zodiacs here in question. 

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Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction: These 3 Zodiacs Will Benefit 

Taurus: The 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th and the 11th house lords are together in the 11th house. It is a good conjunction for an individual to attain authoritative posts, gain inheritance and form good relationships and networks with influential people. They have an aptitude for business with sharp intellect. They have the determination and the courage to build everything from scratch. They are successful in most of their endeavors provided Mercury and Jupiter should not be combust.

Scorpio: For Scorpio natives, Mercury, Sun and Jupiter become the lords of the 8th, 11th, 10th 2nd and 5th houses. A conjunction of Sun, Mercury and Jupiter in the 5th house can be extremely supportive for someone working as a creative artist. This conjunction will also help people engaged in accounting, management and stock exchange. You may find yourself following culture and the path of knowledge passed on to you by your gurus. 

Sagittarius: Sun, Jupiter and Mercury rule the 9th house, 1st & 4th houses and the 7th and the 10th house. Now all three of these planets will be conjunct in the 4th house. Your relationship with your mother may improve at this time and you may get her full support. This is a good time for entrepreneurs and also for high ranked government officials. You could experience growth and new opportunities in your career as all these planets will aspect your 10th house. You could achieve great heights during the period of this conjunction.

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Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction: Remedies for Positive Impact

  • Offer arghaya to the lord Sun everyday from a copper vessel
  • Recite the beej mantra of Budh ‘Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaya Namah’
  • Recite the Vishnu Sahasranama
  • Present gifts to young girls and seek blessings from eunuchs.

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