Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction; Learn Its Notable Effects On 5 Zodiacs!

Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction 2023: The three planets Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter take an exalted position in Vedic astrology. As we understand, the planet Mercury is the harbinger of intellect, speech, and mind, the father planet the Sun is called the soul among other major attributes, and the planet Jupiter is considered as the Guru of the Gods. So, one can easily imagine the effects the great conjunction of these three major planets will have on all natives. These major planets are currently placed in the zodiac sign of Pisces. So, through this blog we will learn about those 5 fortunate zodiac signs which will benefit from this great conjunction of Mercury-Sun-Jupiter. With this, we will also discover which remedies we can do in order to cash in the benefits of these auspicious and supreme planets!

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The Meaning Of Conjunction In Astrology

According to astrology, the conjunction of planets is known to be quite significant. A conjunction of planets happens when more than one planet occupies the same house or the same horoscope. The conjunction of planets, when it happens, assert influences on all zodiac signs just as all the planets also assert their influences on the natives of all zodiac signs. To understand this celestial motion simply, a planet puts its effects on each zodiac sign differently and definitely, so naturally, when planets are in a conjunction or when these planets are combined, their impact would be far greater and more profound. If we talk about current times, then these substantial planets, Mercury, Sun, and Jupiter are all in the zodiac sign of Pisces. With this conjunction, five zodiac signs will acquire favorable benefits, so, let’s read all about them!

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Great Conjunction Of 3 Planets To Give Striking Outcomes To 5 Zodiacs


If we talk about the zodiac sign of Gemini, then the Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction will be going to benefit them substantially. You will be in a more strengthened position as compared to your opposers. For working Gemini natives, your respect will increase during this period. Your financial status will rise as well, and if you have been suffering from a chronic disease, then that will also vanish in this period. Apart from these benefits, time will be pleasant for married Gemini natives!


Favorable benefits will be there for Cancer natives with Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction. During this period, your stress will go away as familial relationships will see improvement. Cancer natives looking for novel job opportunities will come across beneficial outcomes. Working Cancer natives will also get notable results in their work as well. In this period, your confidence will be on the rise and besides this, your marital life will be harmonious as well. 

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The third zodiac sign which is going to receive great outcomes from this conjunction is Leo. During this time, you will get success in the matters which will be financial in nature. In society, your respect and stature will increase as well. If you are waiting for a long time to invest somewhere, then during this time you can invest as this time will be auspicious for you and you can move forward. 


For the natives of Scorpio, this period will be significantly favorable. In this period you will get the support of luck, your social prestige will increase and you will get benefits in your work as well. Apart from this, the business natives of Scorpio will come across a golden period during this time!


Pisces is the last and the fifth zodiac sign which will come across benefits from Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction. During this period, your courage and valor will be on the rise. Your co-workers will support you and you will achieve success in your workspace. The Pisces natives will get good outcomes from all the hard work done. In your financial matters, you will get favorable results, and as a consequence, your financial status will be strengthened. The Pisces natives who are in the field of academics will come across special outcomes during this period as well. 

Remedies To Attain Blessings of Mercury, Sun, And Jupiter!

  • Observe fast on Wednesday. 
  • Eat something made of Green Grams without putting any salt on Wednesday. 
  • Observe fast on Sunday and offer water to the Sun. 
  • Observe fast on Thursday.
  • Worship Lord Brahma and keep your surroundings as clean as possible. 
  • Donate red-colored, yellow-colored items, Jaggery, and Gold according to your capacity. 

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We wish you prosperity in all your spheres with the Mercury-Sun-Jupiter Conjunction; our sincere thanks for visiting AstroSage!


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