Mercury-Saturn Face To Face On 18 September; Lucky For 4 Zodiacs

Mercury-Saturn Opposite To Each Other: There is special importance to planetary movements in the astrology world. Mercury and Saturn are two planets that come face to face from the seventh house. Such movement and position of planets will impact the lives of different zodiacs. There are 4 planets getting unexpected monetary benefits due to their planetary positions. The AstroSage blog contains detailed information on Mercury-Saturn opposite each other and the benefits availed by the lucky zodiacs.

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Mercury-Saturn Opposite To Each Other: Date & Time

On 18th September, Mercury-Saturn move opposite to each other from the seventh house. 

List of 4 Zodiacs Benefiting From Mercury-Saturn Opposite To Each Other


The Mercury-Saturn opposite to each other will result in the best time for the Aries natives. They will be able to take the right strides in life and achieve the relevant career goals. There will be financial benefits because of it and making the right investments in the period. Your relationship with other family members will remain intact and it will be idle time to spend quality time with the family. Get relief from troubles faced by your siblings. The health of all the family members will be stable and there are hardly any chances of other health concerns. 


The Mercury-Saturn opposite to each other will provide an idle opportunity for Gemini natives to fulfill their wishes. It will provide results for people linked to writing and literature. The chances of traveling abroad are high and spend quality time with your partner. Get desirable promotions and increments in your present-day job role. Luck favors the Gemini natives in taking part in different activities. The chances of success across different domains are prominent and reach new heights in your career. All the plans made by you for the family will be successful. 

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For Taurus people, Mercury-Saturn opposite to each other will yield the best results in life. There are chances of new job opportunities for natives and getting employed timely. Experience the rise in resources at your home and use them efficiently for the best outcomes. There are chances of improvement in your mother’s health. The chances of peace and happiness in the family are very real. Travel with your partner to different places and eliminate all kinds of tensions in life. Your siblings will provide you with some kind of good news and your assistance will help them tackle respective issues successfully. 


For Libra people, it will be idle time to fulfill their unfinished wishes and come up with relevant solutions for troubles. The chances of higher profit are very prominent and achieve the desired success in your professional career. Luck will favor the Libra natives all the time and wishes will be fulfilled respectively. Accomplish the tasks at hand successfully and the time is perfect for people involved in fields like CA, technical expertise, media, industrialists, and Glamour. Your health will remain intact for a longer period and making small adjustments in lifestyle can prove to be the game-changer. 

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Q1. What do you mean by the opposite of Mercury-Saturn?

Ans. The opposite positioning of Mercury and Saturn will result in the rise of wisdom & knowledge for individuals. 

Q2. How good is the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn?

Ans. These auspicious planets come together to provide the best results in the lives of natives. 

Q3. How strong is the relationship between Saturn and Mercury?

Ans. The conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in the horoscope will result in high diligence in the minds of individuals. 

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