Mercury Rise in Sagittarius Soon: Know Upcoming Opportunities For Each Zodiac!

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and the closest to the Sun. It holds great importance in astrology and has been regarded as the Prince amongst the nine planets. Mercury has been retrograde in Sagittarius since December 31st, 2022 and has been creating delays and frustrations for everyone in one way or the other. Along with being in retrogression Mercury will now become combust 2nd January, 2023 onwards but will finally rise on 13th January, 2023 at 5:15 am.  In this blog on Astrosage we present to our readers an exciting insight about what upcoming career or business opportunities this Mercury rise can bring for each zodiac sign in the astrological sphere.

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Mercury Rise In Sagittarius: Upcoming Opportunities For 12 Zodiacs!

Aries: Mercury being the 3rd and the 6th house lord for Aries has been brewing trouble by creating delays and frustrations at work. Business also seems stagnant since Mercury started its retrogression. This Mercury rise will bring in a new zeal in people working a regular job or people involved in business and work will start moving at a faster pace. All pending work will be finished. It is a great time for people involved in business to start planning their next move, as Mercury will bring in amazing opportunities once it moves into Capricorn. Start planning your future progress now. Improved communication with colleagues and employees will definitely make your work environment better. Good times are coming ahead.

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Taurus: Mercury is a benefic planet for the Taurus natives being the 2nd and the 5th house lord but has been a source of trouble since it is now rising to their 8th house. Mercury rise in your 8th house can open up financial opportunities for you. It is a good time for research scholars and people involved in occult studies. Business persons who are facing issues with the flow of finances may get sudden financial gains. However, do not invest your money till Mercury is in retrogression.

Gemini: For Gemini natives, Mercury is the 1st and 4th house lord. It is rising in the 7th house of business partnership. During the rising period of Mercury if you were earlier facing some troubles in business partnerships those things will be sorted. Your business partnerships will now become better and stronger. Your communication in business will become better and your business plans will be successful. For people involved in regular jobs your communication with co-workers will improve and that will bring in more opportunities to rise and excel in your career.

Cancer: Mercury is a functional malefic for Cancer natives. It rules the 3rd and the 12th house and is rising in retrogression in the 6th house. If you were unemployed for a while or have been on a job hunt you will be successful in getting a job. For people who had applied for PR overseas, it’s a time to rejoice as you may finally hear some good news regarding your pending abroad travel or settlement. People involved in business could suddenly gain through business or may get their money back if it was stuck. Legal cases could be in your favor. It will be a good time for lawyers and judges.

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Leo: Mercury holds the lordship of two excellent houses for Leo natives. It is currently rising in their 5th house. This Mercury rise in Sagittarius is going to be an excellent period for people involved in stock market and speculation. If your money is stuck in the stock market, chances are you will get it back. Business persons will mint money and find new opportunities to scale their business to new heights. People working a regular job will excel in their career and may get promoted. A good time for students as well.

Virgo: Mercury rules the 1st and 10th house for Virgo natives and is rising  in their 4th house. This Mercury retrogression has definitely been a little difficult for Virgos, but not anymore. Virgos involved in agriculture can have good financial gains. It is a good time for people involved in real estate as well as many new opportunities will now knock your door. Chartered accountants will have a fruitful time.

Libra: The ruler of the 9th and the 12th house, Mercury is rising in your 3rd house. This Mercury rise will definitely give beneficial results to people belonging to the IT sector, business people, traders. It is an excellent period for people involved in online work such as people running e-commerce businesses, youtubers, etc. You could go on long or short work related travel and benefit greatly through such journeys.

Scorpio: The ruler of the 8th and 11th house, Mercury is currently rising in your 2nd house. You will put in a lot of effort in business and work. If you are involved in family business you could gain through family business. People involved in fields related to communication such as Media could benefit. 

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Sagittarius: Mercury becomes the 7th and the 10th house lord and rising in through the 1st house. Mercury rise will not be a very fruitful time for Sagittarius natives as the people working a regular job will have to put in lots of effort. People related to Business may also suffer losses or not get full returns for the efforts they would put in. So, altogether not a very good time for people belonging to the Sagittarius moon sign.

Capricorn: For Capricorn natives, Mercury rules the 6th and the 9th house. Mercury being in the 12th house in rising will not be of much help to people trading with foreign lands. Your money could get stuck in foreign lands. This could however be a good time for people working in hospitals. You could secure better positions or get a permanent job. Be careful when lending out your money or investing money in foreign lands.

Aquarius: Mercury holds the lordship of the 5th and 8th house. It is rising in the 11th house. Aquarians will get a lot of financial gains, especially people involved in the stock market or trading business. Higher authorities will support you at your workplace. Partnership businesses will flourish.

Pisces: Mercury rules the 4th house and the 7th house for Pisces and rises through their 10th house. You will get good new career opportunities. You will successfully be able to expand your business0.  If you have applied for some loans they will easily be sanctioned and you will lead a fulfilling professional life during Mercury rise in Sagittarius.

Remedies To Seek More Benefits From Mercury

  • Donate milk and rice in temples.
  • Quit consuming meat and alcohol.
  • Take blessings from eunuchs. 
  • Feed birds to seek blessings of Mercury.

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