Mercury Rise In Pisces: These Zodiacs Could See Loss In Business Or Go Bankrupt

According to Vedic astrology, every planet changes its zodiac sign after a particular duration of time known as transit. Planets rise and combust in addition to transiting, and just as the transit of planets impacts all 12 zodiac signs, as well as the country and the world, so do their rising and combusting.

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Changes in the planets’ zodiac signs have varying consequences on the lives of people of all zodiac signs. Some people live happy lives, while others have to suffer. Mercury will rise in April, which may result in a significant decline in the business of some zodiac signs. The zodiac signs that are negatively impacted by Mercury’s rising have been thoroughly discussed in this blog.

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Mercury Rise In Pisces: Date And Time 

Mercury will rise in Pisces at 10:23 am on April 19, 2024. According to astrology, when Mercury rises, people under certain zodiac signs must exercise extreme caution when doing business. At this point, they may have to incur a significant loss.

Mercury is known as the intellect planet in Vedic astrology. Aside from this, it indicates rationality, education, and communication abilities. When Mercury is weak in the horoscope, an individual’s mind may be filled with thoughts of insecurity, and there is a fear that his attention would deteriorate. At the same time, when Mercury emerges from its combust state and rises, the individual experiences luck.

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So, let us now look at which zodiac signs may experience business losses as Mercury rises in Pisces.

Mercury Rise In Aries: Business Of These Zodiacs Will Be Affected 


Aries is the first zodiac sign whose business will decrease when Mercury rises. At this time, businessmen must use extreme caution. You will be unable to attain your objectives or make a profit. It is not appropriate to set up a new business or form a partnership at this time. If you continue in this direction, you may incur losses. You should plan your business since only then will you be able to make a profit and get your company out of debt. Aside from that, businessmen should avoid trusting anyone at this time period. There is a chance of fraud against you.

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This is the moment for businessmen to exercise caution. Only by paying attention to every detail will you be able to avoid major issues. You may also confront challenges in your business field. If you are considering starting work in a new partnership, it is best to postpone your decision for some time. At this moment, you may have to incur losses by forming a partnership. Your rivals may overwhelm you, and you will have to fight hard to overcome them.

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People born under the sign of Libra must exercise caution as Mercury rises. This is not a fortunate time for you. You may have to experience a business loss, which may cause mental distress. You will be unable to comprehend what you have to do or what you wish to do. Whatever you try, you’ll fail. You must adjust your business plans and implement new policies at this time. With this, you will be able to improve your business.

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With Mercury rising, Scorpio businessmen may find it tough to increase their revenues. Some such instances may happen in front of you, making it harder for you to produce earnings. Even you might feel discouraged due to this. If you do business in partnership, there is a risk of conflict between you and your partner at this time. When talking to them, exercise caution and avoid saying anything that could jeopardize your relationship with them. They may disagree with you on a particular issue, and as a result, you may develop a negative attitude towards them.

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If your sign is Aquarius, you should take every step carefully at this time. During this time, your competitors might perform better than you. You will most likely face stiff competition from them, and as a result, you may suffer significant losses. If you stay vigilant during this period and refine your strategy, your situation may improve. You must adjust your policies. With this, you should be able to create a profit in your company.

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