Mercury Rise In Pisces Will Fulfil Every Desire You Have

Mercury is believed to be the planet ruler of speech, business, economy, and intelligence. All of these are impacted by Mercury transit. Astronomically speaking, Mercury’s transit is quite significant. Mercury is likely to rise in Pisces in this sequence. So tell us everything about the impact that the rising of Mercury in Pisces can have on people of all signs of the zodiac and what steps we can take to prevent its unfavorable effects in this special AstroSage blog.

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In astrology, the rising or setting of any planet is very significant. This term refers to the sign of the zodiac that a planet is rising in. Pisces, the water element, is where Mercury is rising. As Mercury is rising in Pisces, which is his inferior sign, he will be able to regain his energy and vitality. Even if they are in a weakened sign, they will be stronger than before because they will have Digbal in the first house and they are rising. Let us know in this sequence the importance of planet Mercury in astrology. 

Mercury Rise In Pisces: Time & Date

Mercury, the planet of speech and intelligence, will rise in Pisces on April 19, 2024, at 10:23 a.m. whose influence can be observed in each of the twelve zodiac signs’ horoscopes. 

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Significance Of Mercury In Vedic Astrology

Money, speech, business, intelligence, and skin are all associated with Mercury. Astrology states that a person is loaded with wisdom and experiences happiness and wealth in life if Mercury is in a prominent position in their horoscope. These individuals are incredibly brilliant and intelligent; they have a solid knowledge of every subject. 

A person with a strong Mercury makes more progress and achieves greater outcomes in business. Individuals whose horoscopes feature a strong Mercury placement perform exceptionally well in both business and gambling. People connected to occult sciences, such as astrology and mysticism, also have success in these domains at the same time.

While Lord Mercury is in Pisces in a weak form, Mercury is exalted in Virgo. When Mercury is in a weakened sign, people perform poorly and occasionally may have to incur losses. A person also faces a variety of issues when Mercury is in conjunction with unfavorable planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars, etc. 

These individuals develop an aggressive attitude. In the same order, people experience a variety of health issues when Lord Mercury is in conjunction with the wicked planets Rahu or Ketu in their horoscope. The person may experience issues with their nervous system, skin, sleep patterns, etc. However, when Mercury is in conjunction with a lucky planet like Jupiter, people benefit from twice as much success in business, gambling, and trading.

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Mercury In Pisces: Significance 

People are inventive by nature, which makes them vulnerable to injury when Mercury is in Pisces. They have a keen interest in everything from creative endeavors like painting to music, and they are courteous and nice to others. These individuals are adopters of diverse abilities. Their bank account is never empty, and they don’t hesitate to take out loans from banks or other sources. 

With little they have, they manage to survive. Due to Mercury’s frequent placement in Pisces, these individuals frequently make quick choices that land them in serious difficulty.

Speaking about their shortcomings, occasionally they place too much confidence in other people, which forces them to later regret it. They simply accept things as they are, making no effort to alter them or forge their own route. They frequently get so lost in their confusion that they lose sight of their life’s goals. Others find it difficult to rapidly grasp them because of their extreme moodiness.

Health Of Pisces 

People born under the sign of Pisces frequently lose hope in life. As long as they are left alone, they are amiable. When someone harasses them, they get really mean. In the event that they are ignored, they begin squandering time and sinking deeper and deeper into hopelessness. They frequently grow apathetic and melancholy as a result of self-neglect. Their empathetic demeanor has earned them recognition and affection.

It can be challenging for Pisces, but they are endearing and careless about a lot of things in life. The road gets simpler after they reach a certain point in adhering to regulations and exercising discipline. Through poetry, song, or other artistic expression, these aboriginal people can express their feelings. As Mercury is weak in Pisces, a rising Mercury can help an individual achieve their goals.

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Inauspicious Position Of Mercury 

  • Mercury can cause a variety of speech-related issues when it is in a weak position in an individual’s horoscope. As a result, the person may have to endure social and professional embarrassment.
  • The person does not feel like worshiping because of a weak Mercury.
  • Mercury is in an unfavorable position, therefore the person can have trouble speaking. He finds it difficult to articulate his opinions.
  • The individual is experiencing health issues with their skin, digestion, etc.
  • A person with a weak Mercury may also have numerous financial difficulties.
  • A person like that is likewise apt to experience financial setbacks.

Signs Of Strong Mercury In Astrology 

  • A person with a strong Mercury in their horoscope will speak with sweetness. The individual also has a great sense of humor.
  • A person’s financial life gets stronger and they make a lot of money in business due to the powerful influence of Mercury.
  • In addition, a person gains from the betting and share markets.
  • By applying their reasoning skills, these people advance in all spheres of life.
  • Your expertise will grow and your understanding rate will enhance in such a scenario.

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Remedies To Strengthen Mercury In Horoscope 

  • On Wednesday, donations of green moong dal should be made. It will also be advantageous to eat green moong dal on this day. By doing this, Lord Ganesha’s and Lakshmi’s blessings continue to be associated with Mercury, strengthening it’s position in the horoscope.
  • Every Wednesday, if financial difficulties are causing you to be burdened by debt, you should recite the Lord Ganesha Stotra. One gains the blessings of Lord Ganesha and opens the door for life’s advancement by doing this.
  • Every Wednesday, Durva and Shami leaves should be offered to Lord Ganesha. You may offer Durva if Shami leaves aren’t available.
  • On Wednesday, the cow needs to be fed either spinach or green grass. By doing this, one eliminates the suffering brought on by planetary flaws and receives the blessings of the gods and goddesses. Note that you will only begin to receive fruits once you have fed the cow grass and green spinach for at least three months. 
  • On Wednesday, one should recite the mantras of the planet Mercury. Chanting these Mercury mantras helps relieve mental tension and improves mental concentration. Beej Mantra: Om bram brim braum sah budhaya namah!, Om bum budhaya namah athava Om a shrIM shrim budhaya namah!, Om bram brim braum sa: budhaya namah:, priyamgukalikashyamam rupenaratimam budhama| saumyam saumya gunopetam tam budham pranamamyahama||
  • On Wednesday, you should give gifts to your sister and niece. Give the gift after touching the older sister’s feet and receiving her blessings, if she is an elder. By doing this, you may reduce the unfavorable impacts of Mercury’s horoscope and advance in business, education, and communication.

Mercury Rise In Pisces: Zodiac Wise Impact


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