Mercury Rise in Leo: Great Time For 3 Zodiacs To Shape Their Careers!

Mercury Rise in Leo: Mercury is the smallest planet and also closest to the Sun! The planet represents the mind and boosts the overall communication of individuals. Individuals with Mercury positioned in their birth chart or Kundli make the individual good communication skills and thus gain repute across the surroundings. The planets keep on changing their positions across zodiacs and it leads to different impacts across zodiacs. Mercury’s Rise in Leo this month will ensure the best time for 3 zodiacs and the idle opportunity to make a difference in your careers.

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The Mercury planet is the lord of the Virgo & Gemini zodiacs and provides blessings to the natives. It results in the advancement of career goals and has a direct impact on human lives. The Mercury rise in Leo will lead to higher intelligence levels and the best opportunity for different businesses. It results in a lucky time for 3 zodiacs and the AstroSage blog contains rightful details of the benefits. 

Mercury Rise In Leo: Date

Mercury Rise in Leo happens on 13th September and positively impacts the lives of different signs.

List Of 3 Zodiacs Benefiting For Mercury Rise In Leo


For the Gemini people, the Mercury rise in Leo will be the idle time to make progress in your career and achieve new heights in life. The chances of completing various tasks are prominent and also make suitable changes in your job profile. The Mercury planet rises in the third house of the zodiac and results in a rise in courage among individuals. Gain profits from the ancestral property and your hard work will deliver optimal outcomes. The time is also good to buy a new vehicle and enjoy the ride. The chances are high of getting the mother’s support and the wishes can be fulfilled as per expectations.

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The Mercury rise in Leo will be the fitting time to fulfill your dreams and proceed toward career goals. It will be the best time for Sagittarius people to complete the pending activities and achieve the desired level of success. The chances of earning monetary gains are prominent and get desirable job opportunities within the timeline. Chances of travel for job-related tasks are high and the students will also get competitive results this time. If you’re taking part in competitive exams, the chances of success are high. Make the necessary moves so that you reach targets on specified timelines.


The Mercury rise in Leo will be the best opportunity to get over the pending issues and get the desired outcomes in your career. There will be a rise in energy levels in your lives and thus the chances of travel are very prominent in the time period. Strong decisions taken by you will provide critical outcomes and earn the right amount of profit. For Leo people, it is the best time to join new organizations and create suitable partnerships with your business partners. The health of the family will remain intact and it will be a fitting time to overcome multiple troubles.

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Q1. Does Mercury in Leo provide suitable results?

Ans. The placement of Mercury in Leo will be suitable for advancing the project needs and keeping calmness of mind.

Q2. Are Leo people successful in Businesses?

Ans. Leo people possess a strong personality and they remain keen to take part in different ventures in businesses.

Q3. In which horoscope Mercury is strong?

Ans. Mercury is the planet that provides critical results for the Virgo people and it provides great results to individuals.

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