Mercury’s Twist – Its Rise Negatively Affects Careers Of 5 Zodiac Signs!

In Vedic astrology, the planet Mercury is considered the factor of intelligence. Thus, the effects of Mercury can be witnessed across various aspects & areas of human lives. When Mercury rises, it affects the lives of people. In June 2024, Mercury rises and will prove bad for the careers of natives of some zodiac signs. 

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On 27 June 2024, Mercury rises in its zodiac sign Gemini at 04:22 pm. Mercury will stay in its position till 29 June and thus natives of some zodiacs need to be careful in their careers. The details of troubles faced by natives of unlucky signs are described below. 

Mercury Rise In Gemini – Bad Results In Careers Of These Zodiac Signs 


Mercury is the lord of the third & sixth house and it is going to rise in the third house for Aries natives. They won’t be able to make any major decisions in this period. The work pressure may increase for the employed people and thus need to stay careful about it. Their hard work will be ignored by their superiors at the workplace. They might remain concerned or worried because of these things. 

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Mercury is the lord of the third & twelfth house and it is going to rise in the twelfth house of the Cancer natives. The obstacles can increase in their career path in this period. 

They might miss opportunities to earn profits. During this period, there are signs of decrease in the self-confidence of natives. There will be dissatisfaction at work and there can be thoughts about changing the job. Their work might not be recognized in the workplace. 

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Mercury is the lord of the eighth & eleventh house and it is going to rise in the eighth house of the Scorpio natives. There can be obstacles in their efforts and their desires will reduce significantly. There are chances that their work may not be recognized at the workplace. The relationship with the superiors may deteriorate in this period. 

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Mercury is the lord of the seventh & tenth house and it is going to rise in the seventh house of the Sagittarius natives. For the employed people, work pressure may increase in this period. Even hard work won’t provide you fruitful results at work. 

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Mercury is the lord of the fourth & seventh house and it is going to rise in the fourth house of the Pisces natives. The comforts of natives can be reduced in this period. They won’t be able to plan for work and may go through a stressful period. Due to this, there are chances of reduction in work efficiency and time won’t be favorable for their careers. 

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Importance Of Mercury In Vedic Astrology 

Mercury is the factor of intelligence and knowledge. The strong position of Mercury in the horoscope results in all kinds of happiness and satisfaction in people’s lives. Their health will remain stable and their minds will be sharp. The optimistic position of Mercury in the horoscope results in a higher level of knowledge and people are able to make right decisions in their work life & business. 

The natives with strong Mercury in the horoscope help them perform well in business & stock market. They are also adept in astrology, mysticism, and occult sciences. 

Astrological Ways To Please Mercury

If you want to please planet Mercury, then follow these specific astrological measures –

  • To please Mercury or pacify the planet, donate green grass, whole green gram, spinach, bronze utensils, blue flowers, and blue & green clothes. 
  • To please Mercury, one needs to wear an Emerald gemstone. 
  • On Wednesday, feed green fodder and vegetables to cows. 
  • Take the blessing of transgenders. 
  • Present a green saree or bangles to your sister or aunt. 
  • Apply white sandalwood tilak on your forehead regularly. 

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Q1. What measures should be taken on Wednesday?

Ans. On Wednesday, recite Durga Saptashati to get the best results across different aspects of life. 

Q2. What should be donated to strengthen Mercury’s position?

Ans. The donation of green moong dal on Wednesday will strengthen the position of Mercury in your horoscope. 

Q3. Who is the friend of Mercury?

Ans. Mercury has a friendship with the Sun and Venus. 

Q4. What does Mercury represent?

Ans. The planet Mercury represents happiness, peace, and prosperity. 

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