Mercury Rise In Aries; The Aftermath Of 12 Zodiac Signs Are Unveiled!

Mercury Rise In Aries: The movements of all the planets and constellations are profoundly studied and interpreted in astrology. Every movement of planets and constellations are given their due importance as they have the power to change our lives and furthermore our destiny. The effects of celestial motions can be both progressive and detrimental for a person’s life. Their accurate outcomes can only be studied through the art of astrology and through this blog we will be telling you all about the Mercury Rise in Aries. This planetary movement is amazing in itself, and with this blog, we will learn about its time, date, and outcomes for all zodiac signs. Additionally, we will be unlocking great remedies through which the natives can save themselves from its negative effects as well!

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So, Mercury rising in Aries, is an important celestial movement happening which is going to be significant for all the zodiac signs. As we know, when a planet comes in a state of rise, it gains its authority and strength back and gives effects in all its vigor. Mercury, traditionally known as “Budha”, holds a prominent place among the nine planets. This planet is known to be the harbinger of speech, intellect, language, communication, and reason. Therefore, we will learn all the pertinent details regarding Mercury rise in Aries through this piece of writing. So, let’s commence with our happy reading and learn more about this beneficial planet and how it will treat all the zodiac signs with its movement!

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Mercury Rise In Aries: Date & Time

The planet of speech and intellect, the agile Mercury will rise in the zodiac sign of Aries on 10th May 2023 at 00:53 am. Aries is the zodiac sign of Mars and with Mercury it shares differing relations. So, let’s unravel more about this celestial motion!

Mercury Rise In Aries: Outcomes For The Aries Natives

For the natives of Aries, the planet Mercury rules third and sixth houses and will be transiting in your Lagna house i.e the first house. Mercury will be aspecting the seventh house from the first house. Overall, this transit will bring mixed outcomes for you, Aries natives. Delayments and worries might come in the front, but majorly, no issues will be there. Some financial challenges might be there during this period. In your careers you will be able to attain benefits and fulfillment of your intended targets will be there as well. In this period, travel regarding work will be there and the location of the workplace might change as well. For the Aries natives, opportunities to progress will come with this Mercury Rise in Aries.

Natives who are into business might not be able to gain more, however, the natives with overseas business will be able to gain good profits during this time. Planning the strategies will definitely help in order to achieve the desired results. Financially, both gains and expenses will be there, and planning of your finances will help you avoid future situations of financial distress. To avoid arguments in interpersonal relationships, the natives of Aries must adopt a forward-thinking approach and with a calmer attitude they will be able to restore harmony and happiness in their relationships. No major health issues will be there, however, minor issues like headaches, digestive issues, and skin allergies might be there. A change in lifestyle could benefit these natives. 

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Astrological Perspective Of The Planet Of Intellect

The planet of language and reason, Mercury is also known as Budha, Rauhineya, Tunga, and Soumya meaning “Son of Moon”. It is considered to be a helpful planet with lots of potential and virtues. Mercury has appeared in ancient Sanskrit astronomical texts such as “Romaka” by Latadeva, 6th century and “Panca Siddhantika” by Varahamihira among others. Mercury therefore plays a significant and important role in Vedic astrology as it is considered to be the usherer of intellect, agility, communication, language, speech, reason, analytical abilities, and mindful perception.

The day of the week is Wednesday which is dedicated to the green-skinned deity whose ride is the Yali lion. The Gemstone worn to attain its blessings is Emerald. The fact that the planet of intellect will give outcomes and effects depending on the zodiac sign and house it is in, is one of its most distinctive features. It will give progressive effects, if placed with positive and beneficial planets, and on the other hand it will give deterring effects for natives if it is placed with malefic planets. 

The planet of reason, Mercury shares friendly relations with Sun, and Venus and is neutral with Saturn. It shares animosity with the Moon and Mars. Among the Nakshatras it commands over three of them and they are Ashlesha Nakshatra, Jyeshtha Nakshatra, and Revati Nakshatra. Out of the zodiac signs, Mercury has the lordship over Virgo, and Gemini. Mercury in a single zodiac sign stays for 24 days and then moves onto another zodiac sign. 

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When Mercury Is In Position Of Authority 

A person who has a strong and a stable Mercury in their horoscope is able to progress in all directions and is blessed with many qualities. Below-mentioned are some of the positive features one attains with a strong Mercury: 

Skills Of Speech

The native who have a strong Mercury in their horoscope are excellent communicators and with their speech they are able to attract a good number of people as well. 

Flair In Business

Natives blessed with an authoritative Mercury are brilliant at trading and do incredibly well in occupations related to this field. Natives could be good orators, insurance agents, publicity officials, salesmen, and public speakers. 

A Great Sense Of Communication 

Being the “Messenger of the God”, Mercury enables the natives to become highly analytical, intelligent, and have an agile mind. Our language skills are profoundly affected by Mercury as it also controls our personalities and cognitive abilities. 

High Curiosity

The natives who receive the positive effects and blessings of Budha are always keen on learning novel subjects. Different subjects attract their attention and they often show abilities to learn them all as well. 

Physical Features

Natives having a strengthened Mercury possess a tall and average height, with long sets of limbs. These natives have well-defined bodies with slender voices and expressive eyes. They are never short and are known to walk at a quick pace. Mercury rules over our skin, nerve, tongue, hair, gallbladder, nervous system, face, and chest.  

Mercury With A Fragile Position 

As we have read above, Mercury is a highly beneficial and powerful planet and it gives great effects when in a strong position. But, it also gives negative effects when it is in a weak position and some of them are: 

Affected Cognition 

When the planet of intellect and reason, Mercury gets in a state of affliction, it gives the natives ill effects in their speech and their reasoning and analytical abilities get compromised as well. 

Weakness In Expression

As we know that the planet Mercury is responsible for our cognitive abilities, expressions, thoughts, and intellect, and when it comes in a state of weakness or fragility, it gives natives obstructions in their thoughts. As a result, they are not able to express themselves clearly and appropriately. 

Hollow Nature

The natives who receive the ill effects of Mercury are bound to be highly clever and deceptive in nature. They are selfish, have a low set of characteristics and often give in to their moods rather than follow routine. 

Loss Of Wealth And Relationships

The natives with a fragile Mercury often face financial distress and problems in their interpersonal relationships. These natives also come across loss of reputation as well. 

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Attract Benefits Of Mercury With These Remedies 

  • In order to make Mercury strong in your horoscope, you could wear a four-faced or a ten-faced Rudraksha
  • One should feed fodder and green vegetables to the cows. 
  • To strengthen Mercury in your horoscope, one should daily apply a Tilak of White Sandalwood on their forehead. 
  • One could also wear Emerald, the Gemstone which is dedicated to Mercury. Before wearing any gemstone do contact an expert astrologer. 
  • One must also recite the Beej Mantra of planet Mercury in order to attains its blessings: oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ ॥ oṃ saumya-rūpāya vidamahe vāṇeśāya dhīmahi tanno saumyaḥ pracodayāt ॥
  • The natives should also worship Lord Vishnu if they want to attain the benefits of Mercury. Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram must be recited as well. 
  • To attain the positive effects of the planet Mercury, natives can also observe fast on Wednesday 
  • Donations take a significant place and one should donate green grass, spinach, green gram whole, copper vessel, blue clothes and blue flowers as to get good outcomes. 

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