Mercury Rise in Aries: These 4 Zodiacs Must Beware In The Coming Days!

Mercury Rise: AstroSage endeavors to produce quality content and also strives hard to bring even the smallest of Astrological events to the forefront for its readers to be able to stay updated from time to time about the latest happenings. In this blog we talk about those 4 zodiacs who have a malefic or a weak Mercury placement in their horoscopes and could be negatively impacted by Mercury Rise in Aries.  Is your zodiac sign one of them? To get a more in detail personalized prediction Talk to our professional and the best astrologers online. 

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Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is the smallest planet in the celestial sphere and the closest to the Sun. This is the reason that Mercury is either placed with the Sun in most natal charts or it is one hose ahead or behind the Sun. Mercury rules over some very important aspects in a person’s life such as intellect, memory, sharpness, logical and analytical reasoning, communication, etc. If a person is not blessed with these attributes his/her life can be very difficult to live.

In terms of body parts and systems Mercury rules over the face, tongue, skin, nervous system, arms, etc. and in profession Mercury if placed positively pushes a person towards publishing, journalism, writing, teaching, business, banking, astrology, etc. and we’re sure you know it by now but we’ll let you know again anyway, Mercury rules over the zodiacs Gemini and Virgo. It debilitates in Pisces up to 15 degrees and  is considered exalted in Virgo. Did you know that Mercury also happens to be the only planet to become exalted in its own sign? So, now you can flaunt a little bit of this extra information about Mercury with your friends and take those brownie points. 

Read about Mercury Rise in Aries in detail

Ok, now moving onto the timing of Mercury Rise in Aries. So, Mercury will Rise in Aries on the 31st of March, 2023 at 14:44. Now, let’s get going and further elaborate on the zodiac signs which may not experience very good results of Mercury Rise in Aries.

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Mercury Rise in Aries: These Zodiac Signs Must Beware!

Taurus: Mercury rules the 2nd and the 5th house for Taurus natives and rises in the 12th house. If this Mercury is under malefic influence or badly placed in one’s horoscope then this can pull the natives towards some kind of addictions or intoxications. It can give you trouble related to the health of your family members or children. There could be circumstances where you’d have to drop out of college or stop your education in between or there could be a gap in your education. It could earn you a bad reputation in society at this time. You are advised to be careful. You could face major financial setbacks during this time or may have to deal with a job loss or business failures. You are advised to manage things carefully and logically during this period. 

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Cancer: Mercury being the 3rd and the 12th lord will be placed in the 10th house of Aries. If Mercury is badly placed in your horoscope or under malefic influence then things can be difficult at work. People or your colleagues at work will try to get the better of you by maligning your reputation in front of the bosses and other authorities. Your intentions could be misinterpreted. Your workplace could be chaotic or you could be under stress due to an overload of work. The 12th lord rising in the 10th house may also leave you jobless and unemployed for a while in case other planetary placements are also not supportive. In such scenarios, before reaching at a conclusion the position of Mars, the 10th lord should also be assessed. You may end up losing your position or reputation . Ths period could be a little shaky for your profession and career. Caution is advised.

Virgo: Mercury is the Lagna lord or the 1st house lord and the 10th house lord and will rise in Aries in the 8th house of transformation. This period could leave you struggling for financial stability. Hospital bills could increase as your health or a family member’s health may deteriorate. If you’re willing to change jobs you may get an opportunity but may regret your decision of job change later on. Your colleagues at work may not be supportive and may be the reason for your mounting stress. Do not be a part of office gossip or office politics in any way as you may be portrayed in a bad light in front of the authorities. As a result you may even end up losing your reputation at work. You should be planning your finances very carefully during this phase, especially business owners as you may even have to face bankruptcy during this time if your Mercury in the natal chart is badly placed. 

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Aquarius: Mercury being the lord of the 5th and the 8th house is rising in the 3rd house. You could face troubles with your younger siblings and it could escalate if Mercury is negatively placed in your natal chart. If you’re wishing to bag a project or looking to be promoted anytime soon then it is possible that you may experience delays or not get it all altogether if Mercury in your horoscope is negatively placed or under malefic influence. It could lead you to financial troubles and you are advised to not invest your money in stocks or any other risky place during this phase. Business persons should be careful while making a business deal and keep things as transparent as possible as you could be cheated or not get what was promised. 

Mercury Rise in Aries: Remedies for a Beneficial Impact of Mercury

  • Worship lord Ganesha and offer him the Durva grass everyday
  • Recite the beej mantra of buddha ‘ Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaya Namah’
  • Seek blessings of young girls and respect all females
  • Feed green fodder to cows
  • Donate cows at temples and other religious places.

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