Mercury To Stay In Taurus For 68 Days, Impacts Past-Present-Future Of 12 Signs!

Usually, Mercury transits in 23 days. However, after transiting in Taurus on 25th April, Mercury will be staying in this sign for a period of about 68 days. During this period, Mercury will retrograde, combust, then turn direct, and finally change its zodiac in July. In this blog, you will learn about the presence of Mercury in the same zodiac for more than a period of two months along with its impact. 

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In astrology, planetary transits are just as important as planets turning retrograde and combust. The meaning of retrograde is the reverse movement of the planets and the meaning of combust planet is when any planet comes near to the Sun. Both these phenomena are quite unique and this is the reason why the astrologers of the country and the world keep a check on the retrograde and combust planets. 

Mercury Will Transit For A Period Of 68 Days

Transit of Mercury means that when planet Mercury enters or changes from one zodiac sign to another zodiac sign. Talking about the Mercury transit, generally its duration is 23 days, which means after staying in one zodiac for 23 days, Mercury enters another sign. Although, in 2022, there is a situation, when the transit period of Mercury will be 68 days. In this period, Mercury will stay in Taurus, will retrograde in this zodiac, then combust, turn direct, and finally it will transit in Gemini.  

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Let us understand this unique equation in detail: 

Planets and Zodiac       ChangesDay and Time
Mercury in TaurusTransit25 April, 2022 – on Monday at 00:05
Mercury in TaurusRetrograde 10 May, 2022 – on Tuesday at 5:16 p.m
Mercury in TaurusThe Set 13 May, 2022 – on Friday at 12:56 a.m
Mercury in TaurusDirect03 June, 2022 – on Friday at 1:07 p.m
Mercury in GeminiTransition 2 July, 2022 – on Friday at 9:40 a.m

Apart from this, when Mercury will transit, combust, direct, and retrograde in Taurus, simultaneously, the other important planet will also be transiting in Taurus, which will create a special condition for its conjunction with Mercury. Let us know more about these planets:

Sun Transit in Taurus : 15 May 2022      

There will be a conjunction of Mercury and Sun during this period of 68 days. 

Mercury Transit Of 68 Days & Its Impact

As mentioned above, usually the transit period of Mercury is 23 days. However, when the time period of the transit of Mercury increases or the planet Mercury stays in one zodiac for more than this, then it is called Atichar in astrological language. Due to this position, both auspicious and inauspicious results can be seen on the natives and nationwide. 

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These Signs Will Attain Auspicious Results


  • Students can expect best results. 
  • There is a possibility of receiving auspicious results and promotion for professionals.
  • You will have complete support of your family. 


  • You will have financial gains.
  • Businessmen will gain money.
  • Positive improvement will be seen in health which will make their life easier.


  • This time is favorable for investment.
  • Health will be stable and good. 
  • Your work will be appreciated at the workplace and you will also get auspicious results of your hard work.


  • This duration will also be favorable for students.  
  • There is yoga to get immense success in a career.
  • You will get profit from investments you made in the past.


  • This time will be in the favor of businessmen of this zodiac.
  • The growth will be observed in the career. 
  • Married people could expect good news of a child. 

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These Signs Must To Be Cautious


  • You might face some health issues.
  • Increase in your expenses might be expected which could lead to a financial crisis.
  • You may have to face some problems in the workplace too.


  • There is a possibility of some problems with the boss in professional life.
  • There might be a turmoil in family relationships.
  •  Signing any important idea blindly can cause problems.. 


  • Some health-related issues could become a problem for you.
  • Business people might face some losses, troubles and hurdles in business expansion.
  • Dissatisfaction in life could lead to extreme stress.


  • During this period, businessmen might face some problems. 
  • There might be a possibility of some conflicts in the relationship with the spouse.
  • Spending money extravagantly could bring problems. 

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