Mercury Retrograde In Taurus: Date-Timing, Zodiac-Wise Prediction, & Remedies

Mercury represents our communicative and analytical process. It rules over all types of communication and calculation, be it oral, written, or even internet data transmission. Mercury has a direct effect on the functioning of mind and body. It mainly affects the neck and shoulders. 

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The Mercury retrograde in Taurus 2022 will be highly influential, and shall impact the individuals of every zodiac sign. In this blog, find out the date and timing of this retrograde motion, along with its impact on the natives of 12 zodiac signs. We have also provided you with some effective zodiac-wise remedies for the same. So, read till the end to garner all the important information!

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus 2022: Date & Time

Mercury will retrograde in Taurus on May 10 2022, Tuesday. Its timing will be at 16:45.

Zodiac-Wise Predictions & Remedies

Aries: Mercury will be retrograding in the sign of Taurus and will be taking place in the second house of family, speech, and wealth for the Aries native. During this retrograde period, the native might see a positive change in their family atmosphere and they might become positive. They will be very soft-spoken and would be able to explain their thoughts very easily. It is advised to invest money cautiously, as there are chances of uncertainty and losses if they plan to invest money without proper research. This period will also be fruitful for the students who are trying to give exams, as during this period your analytical and retention skills will be sharp and you will be very quick at learning things.

Remedy: Do a fast on Wednesday and offer Laddoos in Lord Ganesha’s temple.

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Taurus: For Taurus ascendant, the retrograde Mercury will be in its own house of self, and character. There may be some ups and downs that you may face and it is going to be a tough time for you. You may face difficult situations in terms of finance, along with some health issues. So it is advised to take proper healthcare, both physically and mentally. On the brighter side, the analytical skills of the natives would improve and they would also make good decisions as per their calculations. Students would see a prosperous time during this period and they would have an active mind and they will also show versatility and intelligence during this period.

Remedy: Read Vishnu Sahasranama and offer water to Tulsi plant.

Gemini: For Gemini ascendant, Mercury retrograde will take place in the 12th house of salvation, travel, and expenditure. The period will be slightly unfavourable for the natives in terms of health, as they may have to face issues related to head and nervous system, and they may also have to face sleepless nights during this period. During this phase, your expenditure will also be on the higher side, which may bring pressure on your mind. You will also work on some projects of the past during this time. There are chances for you to have foreign gains during this period. This duration is going to be favourable for the married couples as they are going to enjoy a happy time.

Remedy: Donate yellow clothes and Chana Dal to Brahmins at a temple

Cancer: For Cancer ascendant, Mercury retrograde will be in the 11th house of desire, income, and gain. This period is going to be favourable for the natives in terms of health as they will enjoy good health physically and mentally. Financially, it is advised to the natives to think twice before investing money. Moreover, in jobs or business, chances of getting profit are less during this period. There are also chances that you may get money from unexpected sources and enjoy profits from the past projects and investments. This is a favourable time to invest in foreign partnerships and connections, and this is the period where your connection with people will also improve and grow better.

Remedy: Wear silver ornaments around the neck.

Leo: For Leo ascendant, Mercury retrograde will be in the 10th house of career, name, and fame. For some sectors, the native will seek good results because of Mercury retrograde. However, for some professions there might be trouble for the natives. Financially, it will be a very beneficial period for you in terms of investment, as you will get a good opportunity to invest your money. Natives who are in business may have to face some ups and downs during this period. Personal life might also go through some ups and downs as there would be misunderstanding between the members of the house. During this period, you may also make a deal of selling or buying an old vehicle. 

Remedy: Do not consume alcohol, eggs, or meat.

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Virgo: For Virgo natives, Mercury retrograde will be in the ninth house of luck, religion, and international studies. During this retrograde, the students may have to face tough times as they have to study again and again and it would be hard for them to memorise their syllabus. Professionally, the native have to look after their work life intensely, and they may confront some issues with their higher authorities. Therefore, they must be very cautious during this period. Personally, the native may have to face frequent arguments in the family, especially with the father, which might lead to unpleasant circumstances in the family. Native might also have the chance of travelling for business or professional purposes, which will also benefit Virgo natives in the long run.

Remedy: Help the needy, poor, children, and orphans in order to gain good results.

Libra: For Libra natives, Mercury retrograde will be in the eighth house of occult, sudden loss/gains, and manufacturing. As a result, during this period, businessmen may have to face a little struggle in terms of finances, as there is a possibility of theft or loss during this period. You may also face some health issues and hence, you are advised to take extra precaution. Natives who are salaried must work diligently and avoid any kind of risk or arguments with the seniors. For married couples, time is not very favourable. so , it is a device to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

Remedy: Pour a glass of water kept near your bedside overnight on a peepal tree the next morning.

Scorpio: For Scorpio natives, the Mercury retrograde will be in the seventh house of marriage and partnership, and during this period, they may see effects on marriage, association, and partnerships. Natives may face some ups and downs in their relationship, and hence they should avoid any kind of misunderstanding with their spouse. Health-wise, your spouse may have to face some struggle during this period. Natives who are single might get good dating proposals or marriage proposals. Financially, lending money won’t be a very good idea during this phase of Mercury retrograde ,hence, make your decision very smartly.

Remedy: In order to attain relief from malefic effects of Mercury during Mercury Retrograde, donate gold or green colored objects.

Sagittarius: For Sagittarius natives, the Mercury retrograde will be in the sixth house of debt, enemies, and health. During this period, the native may suffer from health problems like nervous issues, and there is also a possibility that some previous disease may also cause them problems. The natives who were single may face some uncertainty in their relationship. Those who are in a relationship may face unfavourable partnerships of all kinds. Professionally, native will face auspicious results and get appreciation from their seniors and co-workers. This period will also bring good focus and improve communication skills.

Remedy: Try to stay polite and calm.

Capricorn: For Capricorn native, Mercury retrograde will be in the fifth house of love, romance, and education, and this will bring mixed results to the natives. During this period, the student will face a favourable period as their concentration and analytical skills will improve. You will be good at remembering things and balancing the study pressure. The native shall stay worried because of their children’s health and worries in the family might chase them too. 

Remedy: Offer rice, milk, yellow colored clothing, and Chana Dal in temples when Mercury is retrograde.

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Aquarius: For Aquarius natives, Mercury retrograde would be in the fourth house of comfort, vehicle, mother, and property. This period will give native mixed results. The native might have to face certain ups and downs in terms of health. This period will be favourable if the native is planning for any kind of short-term investment. Professionally, for salaried and business people ,there are chances of getting good performance with your projects during this time. Married folks may face certain issues in their life. However your compatibility with the partner will be on a test during this period. 

Remedy: Feed cows regularly and look after their welfare.

Pisces: For Pisces native Mercury retrograde will be in the third house of strength, siblings, friends and family, and courage. This period is going to give them good results. Natives would enjoy a great time with their friends and families, and will also plan a short trip during this period. Personally, the natives are going to have a good love life and good communication. Native may also benefit in professional life. It is advised to avoid any kind of hasty decisions as they may suffer from issues during this phase if hasty decisions are taken.

Remedy: Wear silver jewellery around the neck and a steel ring when Mercury is retrograde.

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