Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius Brings Significant Impacts Worldwide

Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Mercury becomes retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius, on 13th December, 2023 at 12:01 PM. Let’s find out what impacts Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius will have on the worldwide events and even in India, the stock market and much more.

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The planet that is closest to the sun is Mercury. Many Vedic scholars and astrologers emphasize on how important Mercury’s role in astrology in addition to its astronomical significance. It is often touted as a vedic deity, and is associated with good fortune. An excellent education, a sharp mind, and an attractive looks are gifts from Mercury or Budh. It prevents bad emotions and is rejuvenating in nature.

Mercury Retrograde As A Phenomenon 

When Mercury or any other planet is  retrograde, it appears to move backward in its orbit. Mercury’s distance from the Earth shortens and it comes closer to the Earth, giving off an  illusion as if it is moving backwards. This phenomenon occurs multiple times a year because it takes just 88 days for Mercury to circle the sun, compared with Earth’s 365 days. As such, astrologers think that the areas of life ruled by this planet can also take a step in the wrong direction during retrogression. A retrograde planet also becomes stronger and has the power to give sudden results which may be beneficial as well as negative sometimes.

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Mercury In Sagittarius: Characteristics

Natives of Sagittarius with Mercury in their signs tend to be cheerful, understanding, and laid back. These locals prefer to look forward rather than lament the past. Limits of any kind are hated by these people, particularly those that interfere with their ability to think. They communicate well and are kind. They are full of interesting anecdotes that people find interesting to hear and have a lot of life experience.

These people enjoy exchanging stories and interacting with a wide range of people. Natives of Mercury in Sagittarius are gregarious, outgoing, and they love meeting new people. Natives of Sagittarius, where Mercury is located, frequently have lofty goals and aspirations for the future that are nearly unachievable. People are usually surprised by their ideas and try to convince them that they are impractical and that they should give up on them.

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Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius: Worldwide Impacts 

Political Impacts

Jupiter is considered to be the cabinet minister amongst all the planets and Mercury is intelligence and the logical ability of a person. For this reason Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius will have a profound impact on the events worldwide and nationwide but will these events be positive? Let’s find out.

  • The spokespersons of the Indian government and other politicians at important positions could find themselves amidst controversies and media scrutiny as they may end up making wrong statements or their statements could be misinterpreted.

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  • The Government’s working ways and policies no matter how good they are, could be criticized or be taken negatively.
  • The Government could face threats from foreign countries as 9th house is the house of long distance travel or foreign elements. However, things will be under control.
  • Our leaders will be seen taking aggressive actions but may lack thought behind doing certain things.

Occult Studies & Practices  

  • People engaged in occult studies and research may face some obstacles but if your Mercury is well placed then you will succeed during this phase.

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  • Yoga instructors, meditation practitioners, etc may all be affected negatively. The degree to which it might affect them will obviously depend upon an individual’s Mercury placement in their natal charts. 
  • Astrologers, occult researchers may come across some difficulties in their path during the Mercury retrograde phase.

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Mercury Retrograde In Sagittarius: Stock Market Report

Mercury is one of the major planets that influences the stock market to a great extent. It now becomes retrograde in the sign of Sagittarius. Let us see how its retrogression in the sign of Sagittarius will impact the stock market with the help of this Stock Market Report.

  • As Mercury becomes retrograde in the sign of Leo, Chemical Fertilizer Industry, Tea Industry, Coffee Industry, Steel Industries, Hindalco, Woolen Mills among others may experience a slightly dull period.
  • The Reliance Industries, Computer Software Technology, Information Technology, and other sectors will slow down by the end of the month there is the chance of continuity.
  • Export-Import of traditional commodities might get impacted negatively and experience a slow down in demand. 

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