Mercury Retrograde In Libra To Bring Life-Altering Changes For All Signs

Mercury, the god of intellect and profit, in its retrograde motion will enter the sign of Libra on 14th October, Wednesday at 06:00 AM and then will transit in Scorpio on 03rd November, 2020 i.e. Tuesday at 10:46 PM after becoming direct. 

As per astrology, Mercury, who is the ruling lord of Gemini and Cancer, being in retrograde motion is seen as an important event. In retrograde motion, the planets appear to move slowly in their path, thereby adding to their strength. So, let us know how this Mercury in its retrograde motion impacts natives of all twelve zodiac signs.

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For Aries sign, Mercury rules over their third and sixth house and will turn retrograde in your seventh house…Read More


Taureans, Mercury owns your second and fifth house and will turn retrograde in your sixth house. Sixth house represents obstacles, competition, diseases and enemies…Read More


Mercury being your ascendant and fourth house Lord will be in retrograde motion in your fifth house. Fifth house represents ideas, intellect, progeny, love and romance…Read More

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For Cancerians, Mercury governs your third and twelfth house and is retrograding in your house which represents Home, Mother, Conveyances and Luxuries…Read More 


Leo sign will see the retrograde Mercury in their third house of Communication, Travels, siblings and efforts…Read More


Mercury rules over the ascendant house for the Virgo sign. It also covers your tenth house of career and profession…Read More

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Librans will see retrograde Mercury in their ascendant or first house of personality. For you, Mercury governs your house of Fortune, luck and spirituality…Read More


Mercury in retrograde will be positioned in your twelfth house which represents expenditure, foreign travels, inclination to spirituality, sleep and collective conscious thoughts…Read More


Sagittarius natives will see a retrograde Mercury positioned in their eleventh house of success, profits and social status…Read More

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Mercury governs your sixth house of competitions and ninth house of fortune and luck. A retrograde Mercury will be positioned in your tenth house of career and profession…Read More


Mercury retrograde will be positioned in the ninth house of fortune, luck and spirituality for the Aquarius natives…Read More 


Mercury governs the house of inner self, home, Mother and conveyances. It also holds the responsibility of the house of spouse, relationships, business partnerships and short journeys…Read More

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