Mercury Retrograde In Leo Impacts The Zodiacs And The Events Worldwide

Mercury Retrograde In Leo: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Mercury becomes retrograde in the sign of Leo, on 24th August, 2023 at 00:52 Hrs. Let’s find out what impacts Mercury Retrograde In Leo will have on the love life as well as the financial status of these zodiacs. 

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According to Vedic Astrology, the planet Mercury is considered to be a prince, who can almost be considered as a young boy with intelligence, reasoning ability and good communication skills according to Parasara’s description. It is the smallest and fastest moving planet. It is also very sensitive like the Moon. It is the significator of intelligence, learning ability, speech, reflexes, communication, banking, education, communication writing, books, humor and all modes of media. Out of the twelve zodiac signs, the planet also has a lordship of two zodiac signs, Gemini and Virgo. 

In general Mercury is a friendly planet of the Sun but being specific for Leo it controls the finances so due to the Mercury Retrograde in Leo we could see disturbance in people’s life. And due to the retrogation other aspects of Mercury will also get affected but being specific for the native it depends on the position of Mercury in the natal chart. 

Mercury Retrograde In Leo: Impacts On Zodiac Signs


Dear Aries, Mercury becomes the 3rd house and the 6th house lord for you and will be placed in the 5th house in a retrograde state, which means that some misunderstandings could creep up between you and your partner and create problems in your relationship. There are chances of a temporary separation as well. 

So, the best way to avoid these misunderstandings is to keep the communication going and not let any communication gaps come in between. Retrograde Mercury’s aspect on the 11th house of your finances may disturb your finances or your payments could be delayed. You may even end up making wrong investments. 

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Mercury rules the 2nd house and the 5th house for Taurus natives and becomes retrograde in the 4th house. Mercury getting retrograde in the 4th house could create problems in your home and between your family members. Retrogation of the second lord might give you problems with your savings, speech and family. Your relations with your partner may get disturbed due to misunderstandings occuring between the two of you. You could face some sort of financial issues and may not be able to save money or your investments may not fare well during this time.


Mercury rules the 3rd and the 12th houses for Cancer natives and now becomes retrograde in the 2nd house of the family, savings and speech. Hence, this Mercury Retrograde in Leo is not a good period for your financial status. You might face unexpected expenditures or losses which could negatively impact your finances and may come as a big blow. You must also beware of your words and choose them wisely while speaking to your near and dear ones as you may find yourself at loggerheads with your family members or your partner.

Your business trips could be repetitive without much gains out of it. You may even face hurdles and problems while traveling. Your relationship with your younger sibling could be problematic so, try to avoid any argument with your younger sibling as it may turn into a fight. Retrograde Mercury’s aspect on the 9th house could make you less religious during this period and your religious practices could be questioned by your father, your mentor or the gurus. 


Dear Leo natives, Mercury rules both the 2nd house and 11th for you, which are both linked to finances. In this case your finances are dependent on the strength, dignity and the placement of Mercury solely. Now Mercury becomes retrograde in your 1st house. So, due to this Mercury Retrograde in Leo your finances could get disturbed, your payments could also get delayed. Multiple losses or having to spend money on the same thing again and again or your work could be getting delayed. Your finances could get stuck due to some wrong financial decisions. Avoid making any big investments as of now.

Your words could be misinterpreted by family and friends and become the reason for conflict within the family or your social networks. You may face issues with your partner and your love life or married life could get disturbed as Mercury is the lord of the 11th house and the 2nd house as well.  Therefore, the natives who are politicians, motivational speakers, investment bankers, or any media person are advised to be conscious and stay low profile during this Mercury retrograde time period.


For Scorpio natives, Mercury rules the 8th house and the 11th house and will become retrograde in your 10th house of profession. In such a situation, Scorpio natives need to really focus on their career.  They might have to face obstacles, misunderstandings, delay in paperwork and delay in delivering the task repeatedly and this might impact their image at work negatively. In order to avoid these issues, you are advised to remain extra alert and conscious while communicating and dealing with paperwork or finances. Also, try to stand on your financial commitments as delay payments or commitments can damage your public image as well.

The 11th lord being in retrograde motion can hinder your relationship with your older siblings, paternal uncle or your image in social circles. Your love life could be impacted negatively and frequent conflicts may develop cracks within your relationship.

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Mercury Retrograde In Leo: Impactful Remedies

  • Present gifts to your younger sisters and other females of the family.
  • Worship lord Ganesha and offer Durva to him.
  • Donate blankets, books and clothes to the needy and poor children or students
  • Feed green fodder to cows daily.
  • Perform Havan to appease the planet Mercury.

Mercury In Leo: Characteristics

Mercury is a planet related to intelligence, communication, logical reasoning, etc. Leo on the other hand is a very dominant, fiery, creative sign. It is always related to royalty. Therefore, natives whose Mercury is placed in Leo  become dominant with the quality to lead. Mercury in Leo has an expressive mind and a riveting personality. They have a commanding voice and an authoritative attitude. 

Natives with Mercury in Leo convey the messages efficiently and use their communication skills for their progress. Mercury in Leo becomes very creative while communicating or doing their work. Their ideas are out of the box and they use their words amazingly and intelligently. Mercury is now becoming retrograde and will give negative results related to most of the things mentioned above. Let us now see how it would impact the events and scenarios worldwide. 

Mercury Retrograde In Leo: Worldwide Impacts 

Political Impacts

  • The spokespersons of the Indian government and other politicians at important positions could find themselves amidst controversies and media scrutiny as they may end up making wrong statements or their statements could be misinterpreted.
  • The Government’s working ways and policies no matter how good they are, could be criticized or be taken negatively.
  • The Government could face threats from foreign enemies but will be able to take charge of the situation soon enough.
  • Our leaders will be seen taking aggressive actions but may lack thought behind doing certain things. 

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Creativity & Arts

  • During this period the artists and people engaged in creative fields such as arts, architecture, designing, etc may face setbacks or delays in different ways.
  • People may become more aware of different forms of arts and music 
  • Fields dependent on communication and intellectual expressions such as marketing, graphic designing, fashion communication, these fields may face a dull period for sure during this retrogression.
  • The film industry, music industry would suffer somewhat as business may be negatively impacted.
  • Sale of cotton, silk , and many other fabrics, handlooms, etc may experience a fall in the graph.
  • Fashion or arts students would struggle to get internships or jobs and other good offers. 

Mercury Retrograde In Leo: Stock Market Report

Mercury is one of the major planets that influences the stock market to a great extent. It now becomes retrograde in the sign of Leo. Let us see how its retrogression in the sign of Leo will impact the stock market with the help of this Stock Market Report.

  • As Mercury becomes retrograde in the sign of Leo, Chemical Fertilizer Industry, Tea Industry, Coffee Industry, Steel Industries, Hindalco, Woolen Mills among others may experience a slightly dull period.
  • The Reliance Industries, Perfume and Cosmetic Industries, Computer Software Technology, Information Technology, and other sectors will slow down by the end of the month there is the chance of continuity.
  • Web designing companies and publishing firms may see a downward graph stalling their progress. 

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