Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Financial Gain For Natives From All Ends!

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: As per astrology, the planets retrograde and direct during transits & movements. This will have some kind of impact on all the 12 zodiac signs. As the planets retrograde from one zodiac sign to another, there will be different effects on the lives of lucky zodiacs. There will be positive results for the lucky natives, while some will face troubles due to it.

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In the month of April 2024, Mercury retrogrades in Aries and it will have some kind of impact on all the zodiac signs. The luck of some zodiacs will improve greatly and thus this will result in good finances. As per astrology, when the planet retrograde, there will be great financial gains for the lucky natives. 

So let us move forward to learn about the time of Mercury retrograde in Aries and the lucky zodiacs that will get monetary benefits due to it. 

Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Date And Time 

On 02 April 2024, Mercury, the planet described as the prince of planets, will retrograde in Aries, at 03:18 am. Other than that, the planet Mercury is known as the factor of intelligence. Due to Mercury retrograde in Aries, there will be immense financial gains for people with some lucky zodiac signs. 

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Mercury Retrograde in Aries: What Are The Effects?

There are both positive and negative effects on the lives of people across all the 12 zodiac signs. The natives will be able to progress in life through the right actions and can also earn good money in this period. Business persons can take the chance of expanding their operation to earn good profits. 

But, there can also be some negative effects on the lives of people. When Mercury stays in the retrograde position, the speaking ability of the person gets affected adversely. The nature of individuals also becomes aggressive and impulsive. There are chances of misunderstandings arising in the relationship. 

Mercury Retrograde In Aries: List Of Zodiac Signs That Will Get Financial Benefits 


The financial condition of the Gemini natives will improve significantly due to Mercury’s retrograde in the Aries zodiac. There are chances of a new source of income and a rise in profits due to this planetary retrograde. With the increase in income level, the natives will be able to fulfill their needs and there will be great opportunities for investment. The period will be very favorable for the natives to earn money and do the right type of savings. There are great chances of financial prosperity and the business persons can earn good profits. The investments will yield the best profits and this will enhance the overall prosperity of natives. 

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The Mercury retrograde in Aries will be very favorable for the Leo natives. As Mercury will be placed in the ninth house, there are chances of earning good profits. The work will increase due to the planetary retrograde and there will be more than one source of income. There are chances of saving a lot. In this period, luck will favor the Leo natives and will make great progress in their financial lives. The natives will be able to fulfill their needs and also the family. 

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There will be huge financial profits for the Aquarius natives due to Mercury retrograde in Aries sign. The period will be very wonderful for them and there are great possibilities of good income due to it. In the financial sector, there will be a lot of progress and you can also help others in a financial way. There will be great opportunities to earn money during this period and it will strengthen the overall financial condition. They will be able to save a lot due to the planetary retrograde. 

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The financial situation of the Pisces natives will improve significantly due to Mercury retrograde in Aries sign. The presence of Mercury in the second house will result in great monetary benefits for the natives. Across the financial matters, luck will favor the Pisces zodiac, and can earn a lot of money with the right efforts. There are great opportunities to earn money through outsourcing from abroad for the Pisces natives. They can maintain a good bank balance and there are chances of saving money due to Mercury retrograde in Aries. 

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