Mercury Retrograde In Aries In April: 6 Zodiacs Can Face Troubles In Love!

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: As per the astrology, there is great importance of planetary transits on the lives of natives. The planets also move in the direct and retrograde direction. This affects the world, country, and human lives. In April 2024, Mercury retrograde in the Aries sign will happen and it will create some sort of trouble in the lives of natives. 

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Due to Mercury retrograde in Aries, the natives of some zodiac signs may get cheated by their spouses. It results in the creation of discord or disagreement in the marital and love relationships of natives. This AstroSage blog contains specific details of Mercury retrograde in Aries, its date, and the zodiac signs that will face love troubles in their lives. 

Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Date And Time 

On 02 April 2024, Mercury retrograde in Aries, at 03:18 am. In Vedic astrology, Mercury is the factor of intelligence and its influence will result in the improvement of the logical abilities of the natives. In the horoscope, Mercury planet rules the third and sixth house. The natives can get both positive and negative results due to it. In astrology, the Mercury in the retrograde state means moving in the opposite direction while revolving around the Sun. 

Let us move further and learn about the effects of Mercury retrograde in Aries zodiac. 

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Mercury Retrograde in Aries: What Are The Effects?

When Mercury stays in the retrograde position, the speaking ability of the person gets affected adversely. The nature of individuals also becomes aggressive and impulsive. There are chances of misunderstandings arising in the relationship. They speak without thinking or acting impulsively. Their nature affects their love life negatively. 

In this period, the natives are advised to stay away or avoid unnecessary disputes. They need to work patiently and other than these challenges, Mercury retrograde in Aries provides the right opportunities for natives for learning and introspecting about themselves. 

So, without any further delay, let us check the zodiac signs that will face the troubles due to Mercury retrograde in Aries. 

Mercury Retrograde in Aries: Zodiacs That Can Encounter Troubles In Love Life 


Due to Mercury retrograde in Aries, the natives will face difficulties in their love life. There are chances of an increase in misunderstandings in their love relationships. For the Aries natives, there are possibilities of tensions arising with your love partner. In such a situation, the natives need to remain patient and listen to their partner carefully. Try to avoid the situation of argument or discord with the spouse. Take some time out and talk with your partner to remove the misunderstandings among both. The feelings should be expressed openly to your spouse, and only then something better will happen between both partners. 

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The retrograde movement of Mercury indicates different types of troubles in the lives of Taurus natives. There are high chances of misunderstandings between both and the natives will face difficulties in their love life. There is the possibility of arguments between the two due to some unresolved troubles. The natives need to listen carefully to others and thus should remain patient while talking with their partners. If they talk openly with their spouse and express their feelings clearly, then there are good chances of misunderstandings among both partners. The relationship between both partners will get stronger in this period due to Mercury retrograde in Aries sign. Try to stay alone for some time and understand yourself. 

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The Cancer natives remain stressed in their love relationship due to Mercury retrograde in Aries. Your communication with your partner and family life may be reduced significantly. There are chances of distance between both partners in the love relationship. If you want to fix everything in your relationship, then try to resolve the misunderstandings accurately. There are chances of separation between you and the partner. 

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Due to Mercury retrograde in Aries, the natives need to be careful in their love and marital life. There are also chances of arguments in love relationships. Because of this, there is the possibility that affection and love will decrease in the relationships. In case, the Virgo natives need to maintain love and sweetness in their relationships, then try for good coordination with your spouse. They need to express their feelings openly to their partners to resolve different kinds of troubles. 

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Mercury retrograde in Aries will bring tensions in the love life of Libra natives. This can result in the rise of distance between you and your partner. There are possibilities of arguments and disputes between both partners on small matters. The natives can become victims of some sort of misunderstanding in the relationship. Talk with your partner about the troubles if you want to fix everything bad going on in the relationship. 

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Due to Mercury retrograde in Aries, fights between the love partners can increase a lot. The effect of bitterness in marital life will be visible across the family too. Different feelings like family troubles, financial constraints, and inability to fulfill responsibilities will weigh in the minds of Scorpio natives. The period is going to be very stressful for the natives. Conversations between you and the partner can improve the overall relationship. 

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