Mercury Retrograde In Aries; Know Its Influence On Your Zodiac Sign!

Mercury Retrograde In Aries: The movements of planets and constellations are given great consideration and acknowledgement in the vast study of Vedic astrology. In this blog, we are about to learn one such movement of the planets which is also quite significant in its own right. We are all aware how planetary transits can change the course of one’s life and how profound their effects, both positive and negative, can be. Hence, in this blog, we are shedding light on the retrograde motions of planets. So, in simpler terms, the term “retrograde” in the revered language of Sanskrit means “Vakri”. 

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When we say that this planet now is in a retrograde state or Vakri state then by that we mean that the specific planet has changed its movements and is now moving backwards, however in truth, it doesn’t; it just appears to be. The state of retrograde motion means that the planet will usher in both negative and positive effects, in the specific zodiac sign in which it will retrograde and for all the other zodiac signs it will bring variations in outcomes as well. 

Now, we will come see the retrograde motion of this incredible and beneficial planet Mercury in the equally amazing and brave zodiac sign of Aries. The effects  of Mercury retrograde in Aries will be as expected, notable and varied. So, through this piece of writing, you will come to understand the zodiac-based predictions, the date when this celestial motion will take place, remedies, and some interesting facts. So, without further ado, commence your happy reading!

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Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Date & Time 

The provider of intellect, speech, and mind, the planet Mercury will retrograde in the zodiac sign of Aries on 21st April 2023, at 1:25 pm. Then on 23rd April 2023, Mercury will go into the state of combustion in Aries as well. 

Mercury Retrograde In Aries: Its Aftermath 

The planet Mercury in Aries, which rules both the third and sixth houses, is in retrograde motion in the Lagna house i.e, first house and will produce both positive and negative effects. Gains in business, trades, career progression, are some of the positive effects the planet Mercury will bring with itself along this journey. 

Due to this celestial motion, natives who are into fields of information technology and logistics will attain good benefits. This retrograde planetary motion will help the natives to gain an advantage in attaining secret information and acquiring wealth, which will be through an inheritance. However, as we have read above, if a retrograde motion gives positive effects, then, it is bound to give negative effects as well, and Mercury’s negative effects might include issues of the brain and digestive system. 

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Know Planet Of Intellect From An Astrological Perspective

The planet Mercury is a beneficial planet, with great potential and qualities. The planet Mercury is also known as Budha, Soumya, Tunga, and Rauhineya. As a planet, Mercury has appeared in Hindi astronomical scripts of Aryabhatta which is known as “Aryabhatiya” written in the 5th century. The nature of the planet Mercury is known to have dualism, intellect, communication, language, mindful perception, and analysis. Hence, in Vedic astrology, Budha plays an effective and significant role. 

The day of the green-skinned deity is Wednesday and his mount is Yali lion. One of the most distinguishing characteristics of Mercury is that it will give effects according to the zodiac sign and house it occupies. If placed with beneficial and positive planets it will radiate positive effects, but if placed with malefic planets then it will give ill effects to the natives. The messenger planet, Mercury has cordial relationships with Sun and Venus, and on the opposite side it shares enmity with Moon and Mars. 

Among the Nakshatras it commands over three of them and they are Ashlesha Nakshatra, Jyeshtha Nakshatra,  and Revati Nakshatra. Out of the zodiac signs it rules over Virgo, and Gemini. Mercury in a single zodiac sign stays for 24 days and then moves onto another zodiac sign. 

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Life Conditions With A Powerful Mercury

When this planet, Mercury is situated in a strong and a robust position in one’s horoscope then that person achieves a lot in his life and is able to progress in all-round succession. Some of the pointers to note are below-mentioned!

  • The said person who is blessed by the planet Mercury has a way with their speech and is able to attract people with their language skills. 
  • One who has a strong Mercury situated in their horoscope are well-versed in trading and thrive in careers related to this field. 
  • As the Mercury is also known as “Messenger of the God”, it makes the person analytical, intelligent, and quite smooth at communicating their ideas. 
  • On a profound level, the planet of intellect, Mercury, influences our language, its related skill set, cognitive abilities, personalities, and physical appearances.
  • Mercury also equips one with a deft political mind and outstanding debate skills. One becomes interested and almost keen in learning all kinds of different subjects. There is a streak to master every subject in that said individual.
  • If we talk about physicality then natives with strengthened Mercury, have well-defined bodies. Possessing a tall and an average height they will never be short, though. Their hands will be long, eyes eloquent, and will have a slender voice. 
  • Mercury controls our skin, gallbladder, nerve, tongue, hair, nervous system, chest, and face. 
  • The planet’s element is air, and the career fields it governs are oration, speakers, officials, sales, insurance agents, and multilingualism. 

Dettered Conditions With A Fragile Mercury

This powerful and equally beneficial planet Mercury when comes in an afflicted position in one’s horoscope gives the individual its twisted yet ill effects. Some of the effects of Mercury from which everybody wants to stay away are:

  • Natives come across both mental and physical restraints when this planet is not in a beneficial position. 
  • As we know that Mercury is a harbinger of communication and intellect, then those individuals with a weak one, face problems in expressing their thoughts. 
  • The natives will become selfish, highly clever, and will develop an affinity for deception. 
  • Such people often depend on their moods rather than righteous routine and have loose morals and characteristics. 
  • The interpersonal relationships are affected by a feeble Mercury. It is also said that due to its ill effects there is a loss of reputation and wealth as well. 
  • The natives also go through issues of cognitive abilities, their speech might not be that effective and they also go through issues of neck, and voice. 

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Remedies To Lure Endless Benefits Of Mercury

  • In order to make Mercury strong in their horoscope one should apply a Tilak of white sandalwood on their forehead, daily. 
  • One should feed green fodder or green vegetables to the cows. 
  • Natives in order to strengthen Mercury could also wear a four-faced or a ten-faced Rudraksha
  • Observing fast on Wednesday will be highly beneficial for those natives with a weak Mercury. 
  • Out of Gemstones, the one assigned to Mercury is Emerald, so the native can wear that but before wearing any of them do consult an expert astrologer.
  • One should worship Mercury and Lord Vishnu and should also donate green grass, green gram whole, blue flowers, and blue and green-colored clothes. 
  • In order to receive graceful blessings of Mercury its Beej Mantra should be recited, which is: oṃ brāṃ brīṃ brauṃ saḥ budhāya namaḥ ॥ oṃ saumya-rūpāya vidamahe vāṇeśāya dhīmahi tanno saumyaḥ pracodayāt ॥

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