Mercury Retrograde: Career of These Three Zodiacs Will Shine

The Mercury planet is the factor of intelligence and retrograde in the August month, which means it is moving in the reverse direction. It is natural that the Mercury retrograde has a deep impact on the 12 zodiac signs. The special blog will help you know about the retrograde motion of Mercury as per the zodiac signs, and the measure to avoid the negative effects. It also includes details related to Mercury retrograde and the meaning of Mercury retrograde. 

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Let us first discuss the time of Mercury retrograde in Leo on 24 August 2023, at 12:52 am. In Vedic Astrology, Mercury has the title of prince and it represents the person’s intelligence, the ability to think, and also the art of communication. Also, the Mercury planet is considered one of the fastest-moving planets after the Moon. On the other hand, as we talk about Leo, it is the fifth zodiac sign that represents government, administration, ambition, and also self-respect. It is the male sign of nature, and in such condition, the Mercury retrograde in Leo has become the prime reason for all the ups & downs in the life of the natives. 

Effects Of Mercury Retrograde 

The Mercury retrograde results in different unexpected changes in the lives of natives. In this period, the natives can make unwanted decisions that can lead to troubles in the future. Other than that, also sudden changes in behavior can be experienced in the Mercury retrograde. This time, along with changes in the feelings of natives, one can also experience changes in intelligence, speech, expression, and education. 

As Mercury retrogrades, there is a rise in the tendency of persons towards writing tasks. Other than that, Mercury retrograde can become an annoying factor behind annoyance in one’s life. Especially for the people associated with the media and communication field and they also get to view the excessive effects of Mercury retrograde motion. 

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Positive And Negative Effects Of Mercury Retrograde 

If the Mercury is in a dominant position in the person’s horoscope and then it retrogrades, then it is logical for natives to have the retrograde Mercury. The mental power of such persons is stronger and they also have the capability to make the right decisions. Also, if Mercury is already in a weak position, such people face difficulty in presenting their words appropriately which leads to different kinds of troubles. 

Meaning Of Mercury Retrograde From The Astronomical Point Of View 

As per astrology, as a planet moves at a reverse pace instead of the straight pace, then it is called retrograde. Planets often do not have a retrograde motion, and it only appears that some planets are moving backward instead of forward. It is known as the retrograde of planets. If we talk about the planet Mercury, it retrogrades at least three to four times every 1 year. 

Real Meaning Of Mercury Retrograde In The Birth Chart

Mercury Retrograde is described in two stages in the birth chart of the natives. If Mercury is positioned in the person’s horoscope, then it can provide auspicious results in the person’s life. Such persons also get a successful home, job, and business. 

On the other hand, people with Mercury retrograde in a bad state in one’s birth chart, then they get bad results. They also face sudden loss of money, also need to face discord in their married life, and also suffer mental & physical suffering in life. 

Talking about Mercury retrograde, it is generally considered the factor of innovation. The time is very auspicious to make new plans and also do new work, re-thinking something, and making new evaluations in life. Other than that, time is also considered auspicious for repaying debts, completing paperwork, and fulfilling promises. 

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Mercury Retrograde Remedies 

  • Donate good materials that have no negative effects on the lives of natives as the Mercury planet retrogrades. 
  • Other than that, the donation of green things, then also the chances of fruitful results increase. 
  • Fasting in Mercury retrograde will provide fruitful results.
  • Offer fresh food to dogs & cows. 
  • On Wednesday, visit the Ganesha temple and worship the lord correctly. Also, offer Laddoos to the lord. 
  • These zodiacs in which Mercury retrogrades, avoid the consumption of meat and alcohol. 
  • The donation of the Tulsi plant also provides auspicious results in the Mercury retrograde. 
  • On Wednesday, wake up early in the morning and offer water to the Sun God and it also removes all the negative effects of the Mercury retrograde from life. 
  • Other than that, worship of Lord Shiva will result in the removal of the negative effects of Mercury retrograde from life. 
  • Feed and serve the small girls. 
  • Donate gram lentils and yellow cloth by going to a temple, also wear silver around the neck, and it brings auspicious results of Mercury in life. 

Now let’s move ahead and get details of information about remedies & effects according to zodiac signs for Mercury retrograde. 

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