Mercury ‘Direct’ In Scorpio Jolts The World & The Zodiacs Lightly!

Mercury ‘Direct’ In Scorpio: AstroSage endeavors to bring to you the latest and the most important astrological events with every new blog release to keep our readers up to date with the latest happenings of the arcane world of Astrology. Mercury ‘Direct’ In Scorpio on 2nd January, 2024. Let’s find out what impacts Mercury ‘Direct’ In Scorpio will have on worldwide events and even in India, the stock market and much more. 

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According to Vedic science, the planet Mercury is considered as a young, magnificent, sovereign with information, capacity to think and extraordinary social capacities. It is the humblest and one of the fastest moving planets. Mercury is the Karka of information, capacity to learn, talk, reflexes, correspondence and specialized gadgets, business and banking, preparing for competitive exams, books, humor and all strategies for media, etc. Out of the twelve zodiac signs, the planet moreover has a lordship of two houses, Gemini and Virgo. Known as the ‘Prince’ amongst the nine planets, Mercury reflects every bit of princely attitude in the way it works.

 ‘Direct’ Motion Of A Planet

The ‘Direct’ motion of a planet refers to the forward movement of the planet after a period of retrogression. This state of a planet is a lot less complicated and the suddenness of the planet goes away. The planet is now more in control of itself and begins to give results accordingly. We can expect more positive results from a planet when it is ‘Direct’ as compared to when it is Retrograde. 

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Mercury Direct In Scorpio: Timing

Mercury is set to become ‘Direct’ the sign of Scorpio, ruled by Mars. Mercury will be in an enemy sign as Mercury and Mars go in totally opposite directions. Mercury will become ‘Direct’ in the sign of Scorpio on the 2nd of January, 2023 at 08:06 AM. Now we will focus on the characteristics of Mercury In Scorpio and then move on to the impacts worldwide and on the zodiac signs. 

Mercury In Scorpio: Characteristics

People with Mercury in Scorpio in their birth signs are shrouded in mystery. A fixed water sign with strong feelings, passion, and ambition, Scorpio. Because Mercury and Mars, the ruler of Scorpio, have a hostile relationship, a native’s placement in an enemy sign is not particularly advantageous. Mercury in Scorpio generally can make your communication harsh and people may misinterpret your intentions, giving rise to unnecessary arguments a lot of times.  

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Mercury in any case is intellectual and reaches to the root cause of any problem. Thus, these individuals make great researchers and scientists. They have a perceptive, curious intellect that analyzes everything they encounter. Mercury in Scorpio has a temperament and speech that occasionally comes out as hostile. In contrast to the unrestrained passion that the Moon in Scorpio brings, Mercury in Scorpio also brings sanity and rationality, thus the native’s decisions are more influenced by logic than by emotions. 

Mercury ‘Direct’ In Scorpio: Worldwide Impacts

Research & Development

  • Mercury in Scorpio will elevate research and development in many fields, especially in the engineering field.
  • This transit will definitely help in the R & D sector of the Automobiles industries as well. 
  • Scientists and engineers, researchers, etc will benefit from this transit worldover. 

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Healing & Medicine

  • Mercury In Scorpio will enhance the careers of people engaged in healing professions such as healers, doctors, medical staff, tarot readers, etc.
  • Doctors, medical staff, etc will notice an escalation in their professions. 
  • The medical field will benefit through new research and innovations taking place in the medical field. 

Business & Counseling 

  • People engaged in counseling of any sorts will also benefit from this transit.
  • Mercury in Scorpio is calculative, therefore people engaged in business can rejoice as businesses across the globe will pick up and generate good revenues. 

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Mercury ‘Direct’ In Scorpio: These Zodiac Signs Will Benefit 


Mercury becomes the lord of the 2nd house and the 11th house. It is now becoming ‘Direct’ in the 4th house of luxury, comforts, mother, happiness, etc. This time will specifically be fruitful for business owners as the Karaka of business will become direct in the 4th house. There are chances of earning good profits and buying luxury comforts for yourself. Earning or gaining through motherhood is also possible.

Business opportunities and possibilities will knock your door and you may even land business opportunities in foreign lands and provide financial abundance. People engaged in private sectors could get job opportunities abroad which may improve their finances and provide financial security.

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Dear virgo natives, planet Mercury rules your 10th house and the Lagna or the 1st house and now it is becoming ‘Direct’ in the Scorpio sign and will impact your 3rd house that represents your siblings, hobbies, short distance travel, communication skills. In this way, dear Virgos, Mercury becoming ‘Direct’ in the 3rd house is positive for you right now. Expect a lot of sudden events happening during this phase in your professional life. Suddenly you may find yourself getting promoted or receiving other benefits related to your job.

You may find some good job opportunities coming your way too. If your money was stuck then there are chances you may get it back during this phase. People engaged in the stock market or the ones wishing to invest in stock may get good returns during this phase. 


Mercury rules the 9th house and the 12th house for Libra natives and will now become ‘Direct’ in the 2nd house. Conflicts happening in the family or with family members will start to fade and the atmosphere of the family will improve. You will become socially active. Chances of earning through social media will increase and will give you an added source of income. Your circle of friends will increase as well.

This period will be positive financially and there will be an increase in the income as well. Financial gains will be there for you and your bank balance will gradually rise. Your speaking will become more graceful, and people will be able to get convinced by your speech. Love will grow between you and your partner. The purchasing and selling of property will result in profit.

Mercury ‘Direct’ In Scorpio: These Zodiacs Will Be Negatively Impacted


Dear Aries natives, for you planet Mercury rules the 3rd house and 6th house and now on  it is becoming ‘Direct’ in Scorpio, your  8th house. The house of longevity, sudden happenings, secrecy, occult science and transformation. This ‘Direct’ motion of Mercury will bring all your finance related issues to the forefront. You may find yourself neck deep in legal troubles, fighting disputes, cases, etc. Your communication may become a lot more harsh and sharp. You will cast a negative impression on people with your communication and your intentions being misinterpreted. Financial struggles and not being able to save much would be the cause of concern as Mercury aspects your 2nd house of speech and earnings directly.

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Mercury holds great importance for Gemini natives. He became the Lagna lord and the 4th house lord. It is now becoming ‘Direct’ in the 6th house. If you are a business owner then this ‘Direct’ motion of Mercury in Scorpio in the 6th house for Gemini natives is not good and favorable for the natives. You may suffer losses in legal disputes through courts as the Lagna lord itself is moving to the 6th house of legal disputes. You may have to struggle financially and obstacles or struggles related to work would keep your thoughts troubled. This is a time to keep calm and think logically. 

Mercury ‘Direct’ In Scorpio: Impactful Remedies 

  • Feed soaked grams to birds.
  • Worship lord Ganesha and offer him Durva grass.
  • Install and worship Budh Yantra in the office and your homes.
  • Respect and serve the eunuchs.
  • Water the Tulsi plant daily and worship it daily.

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