Mercury Direct In Sagittarius (18 Jan) Will Bring A Drastic Change Worldwide!

Mercury is the planet for intelligence, book knowledge and wisdom. Without the blessings of Mercury, one cannot become a learned person and skilled. A strong Mercury also guides a person to come out hidden skills and expose themselves. Natives with strong Mercury might be strong in Mathematics, Logistics, Financial Accounting and may become Chartered Accountants. But on the other side- a weak Mercury makes the native to face less education, nervousness and skin related health issues. Mercury combined with Saturn might give nervous related issues and also loss of courage. Mercury is strongly placed in Virgo and Gemini.

You can find more information on today’s Mercury Direct In Sagittarius, including the time and date, in this blog by AstroSage. Additionally, we will talk about how it affects other facets of life and the wider globe. Moreover, you will receive a general forecast for the Mercury Direct in Sagittarius, which will let you prepare for any challenges you may encounter during this time. Finally, there will be efficient remedies that will enable you to benefit from the planetary movement.

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Date & Time Of  Mercury Direct In Sagittarius:

Mercury, the planet of high knowledge, makes its Direct in Sagittarius on January 18, 2023 at 18:18.  Let us examine the movement of Mercury and its impact.

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What To Expect With Mercury’s Direct In Sagittarius?

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and is said to be the enemy of Mercury as per Vedic Astrology. Hence, due to the presence of Mercury in Sagittarius there could be some obstacles in studies for the natives going for higher education. There might be strong competition among natives who are students. Mercury rules the seventh and tenth house for its position in Sagittarius and Jupiter the ruling planet rules Sagittarius and Pisces.

The position of Mercury in Sagittarius might not be auspicious and seemed to be placed in the wrong position. On the positive side, natives may be able to develop their knowledge in a grand manner and gain upper hand in business. But expenses and spending could be high for the natives as they might lose money even if they earn good money. There could be setbacks in relationships for these natives and ups/downs with respect to career/business for these natives. 

During this period, natives will be able to gain immense knowledge and enhance the same. Also, the position of Mercury Direct in Sagittarius  might induce the natives to expand their capacity beyond scope with respect to learning. But luck for the natives during this planetary movement might not be up to the mark. This Direct of Mercury will be favorable for the natives especially with respect to going abroad and expanding their opportunities. Likewise, the people throughout this time might have an interest in enhancing things by engaging in sports.

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Impact Of Mercury Direct On India & The World 

  • There may be setbacks during this time with respect to the employment sector and ups and downs in the country and in the world.
  • During this Direct of Mercury the stock market might witness some downfall and people could be facing the impact of downfall.
  • Sectors such as public enterprises and administration might go in the wrong direction during this Mercury Direct.
  • India could be affected by this planetary movement with other countries like the UK and USA facing problems with the economy being affected.
  • India could face recession-like situations during this period.
  • Due to the Mercury Direct In Sagittarius, sectors like telecommunications and networking could face setbacks in India and the world.
  • For the world, this phenomenon could have some adverse effects on countries like the UK, India and the USA.
  • Decision-making in various countries regarding agreements and ties might not be effective during this motion.
  • New health-related problems like lung disorders and skin rashes could be possible around the world in the form of new viruses.
  • Sectors such as finance, civil and banking sectors might hit a low profile.
  • The world will be aware of evolving trends that might be either negative or positive, which will be witnessed in transport sectors as this sector could be bearing profit and also loss.
  • Production of new transport machinery might be facing constraints during this period.

Impact Of The Mercury Direct In Sagittarius On Individuals

  • Individuals who are aspiring for new business may utilize the same during this time and making new investments will also be favorable.
  • Business owners and those involved with business will be able to get moderate profits and will be in a position to meet targets with obstacles.
  • Those who are into tourism, hotels will find good results.
  • Health for the individuals might get affected by problems such as leg pain and some breathing problems.
  • Nervous related health hazards could also be possible for the individuals during this period.
  • This Mercury Direct in Sagittarius will be beneficial for those active in spiritual pursuits.

Economic Impact Of Mercury Direct In Sagittarius

Mercury Direct in Sagittarius this month, could bring ups and downs on the economic front. This movement of the Mercury planet might not convey a powerful signal to the economy. There could be some fluctuations in the money flow. Overall, this period might lead to difficulties in making major investment choices. There could be interruptions arising along with the flow of money and it might not be uniform.

The manufacturing and automobile sectors are expected to profit significantly during this time. Overall, this planetary movement of Mercury may produce mixed results—both positive and negative.

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Health Impact Of Mercury Direct In Sagittarius

Mercury Direct In Sagittarius might have an effect on people born under the signs of Cancer, Leo, Aries, Scorpio. Natives of the mentioned zodiac signs will need to be more cautious about their health and take precautions. Cancer, Leo, Scorpio and Aries natives could experience stress as a result of hypertension, back discomfort, or nerve problems.  

Cancerians might have leg and thigh pain while the natives of  Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars, might be prone to hypertension, and as a result, these natives could experience sleeping issues. Mercury in Sagittarius could increase anxiety, nervous problems, lack of appetite resulting in physical discomfort for the natives. Hence, during this period, it is important to be patient, since this could be the best course of action.

General Forecast Of Mercury Direct In Sagittarius

Mercury Direct In Sagittarius might confer high end benefits for self-development for the natives who could be aiming for the same. More interest in business and developing the same might be possible. Natives might begin to possess service mindedness during this period. 

Onsite opportunities may be present for these natives who are willing to go for the same. Such chances may prove to be credit worthy for these natives. New business chances and career opportunities will be available for these natives during this time. 

Natives might make new investments and opt for loans to meet their commitments. The natives will be able to make money, but at the same time, there could be health dangers, including back pain, nervous system issues, and stomach issues. At this point, partnership must be avoided.

Best Remedies To Earn Benefits

  • Chant the old text: Vishnu Sahasranamam daily.
  • Chant “Om Budhaya Namah” daily 21 times.
  • Perform Yagya-Havan for planet Mercury on Wednesday.

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