Mercury Direct In Pisces Could Spoil Career & Cause Distress

When a planet transits, it has a wide-ranging impact. This has resulted in changes in business, the stock market, and politics at the national level, as well as turbulence in the lives of ordinary people. The transit also impacts all zodiac signs, as well as the country and the world, resulting in many ups and downs in natives’ marital lives, careers, businesses, and education. Direct and retrograde planets, like transits, have an impact.

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Mercury will turn direct in April, and the impact of this shift will be felt in the careers of some zodiac signs. This blog will tell you when and in which zodiac sign Mercury will go direct in April, and there is a probability of a negative impact on the careers of those born under which signs.  

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Mercury Direct In Pisces: Date And Time 

Mercury, the planet’s prince, will make a direct move into Pisces on April 25, 2024, at 05:49 pm. Pisces is considered Mercury’s lowest zodiac sign. It is said that while Mercury is in Pisces, it weakens the person’s intelligence and causes difficulty to do his business. People’s family and marital relationships deteriorate throughout this period. In addition, they may benefit financially from inherited property or unexpected sources. 

So, let us now look at which zodiac signs should be cautious regarding their careers when Mercury turns direct in Pisces.

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Mercury Direct In Pisces: These Zodiacs Could Face Problem In Career 


When Mercury turns direct, Aries employees will face challenging times. They need to organize their professional lives. Only after this will they be able to steer their careers in the appropriate path. Aside from that, your workload may increase significantly at this time, making it harder for you to accomplish the work efficiently. Your supervisors may ignore the hard work you do at work. This may also hinder your advancement and income growth. As a result, you may consider changing jobs, but doing so will not be beneficial. You may receive some opportunities from abroad, but you will not be content with them.

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Mercury’s direct position will not benefit persons born under the sign of Leo. You should not have great hopes for your job or profession right now. During this period, your growth will be slow. You may acquire on-site work or a chance from abroad, but even then, you will not be satisfied and happy. You will devote all of your attention to accomplishing your professional ambitions, but the unfortunate truth is that this will not be an easy task. There could be roadblocks in your path.

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If you’re hoping for a change at work, your wish has finally come true. There is a risk that your job will change, and you will be uncomfortable and dissatisfied with the changes. You may be concerned about this situation. You might not receive an appreciation for your efforts. Your supervisors may disregard your hard work and effort. As a result, you may appear dissatisfied with your current position.

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Mercury being direct is not going to help you get success at work. At this point, you might have to wait for progress. To attain success in your career, you must work hard and tirelessly. During this time, you should use caution when you’re talking with your superiors. There is a chance you could have an argument with them, which could have a detrimental affect on your work, therefore it is best if you avoid getting involved with anyone in your office. You will not be able to receive praise for your efforts, which may make you depressed. It is best if you remain cool and let this time pass. After the difficult times are over, everything will be fine, and you will be able to attain your job goals. 

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