Mercury Direct In Pisces Could Make These Zodiacs Deprive Of Even A Single Penny

Aside from transiting from one zodiac sign to the other, the planets also go direct and retrograde. When a planet transits or goes direct, it influences all 12 zodiac signs, as well as the country and the entire world. Mercury will also direct in April, causing some zodiac signs to have financial difficulties.

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In this article, we will inform you which zodiac sign Mercury is in and on what day it will turn direct, as well as which zodiac signs are most likely to experience financial losses.  

Mercury Direct In Pisces: Date And Time 

Mercury, known as the prince of planets in astrology, will enter Pisces on April 25, 2024, at 05:49 p.m. When Mercury turns direct, certain zodiac signs will benefit, while others will suffer adverse effects. When Mercury turns direct, persons under certain zodiac signs may suffer financial troubles. Before learning about these zodiac signs, you need to understand the significance of Mercury in astrology. 

Mercury Planet Significance In Astrology

Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun, and when Mercury aligns with any favorable planet, the person experiences positive results. At the same time, if Mercury is conjunct any inauspicious planet or in the sixth, eighth, or twelfth houses of the horoscope, the person will have negativ

e results. Mercury is believed to be the ruler of Gemini and Virgo. Mercury brings insight and information to the individual. When Mercury enters Pisces, some zodiac signs may encounter financial difficulties.

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Mercury is the lord of your third and sixth houses, and it is about to travel directly into your twelfth house. Even if you put in a lot of effort right now, you are not going to obtain very excellent financial rewards. You should avoid making major decisions, such as investing, at this time. Investing at this time period may result in a loss. Aside from that, do not lend money to friends or family; otherwise, you risk losing your money. Mercury being direct will be average for Aries people.

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Mercury is the ruler of Cancer’s third and twelfth houses. Mercury is now moving directly into your ninth house. At this moment, your ability to make money will be quite limited. Throughout this time, your financial situation will be average. Even if you earn money, you may struggle to save it. It is recommended that you use caution when traveling. If you don’t do this, you’re going to lose money. You will try to make money, but you will probably fail. This may cause mental disturbance.

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If you are a Leo, you should use caution in financial concerns when Mercury turns direct. Your ability to make money may remain somewhat limited. Your income may decrease, and you may be unable to satisfy your own and your family’s demands. This condition may cause your mind to become very upset. Even if you work hard, you will only earn a small amount of money. Whatever intentions you have for your financial situation are unlikely to be successful.

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When Mercury turns direct, persons born under the sign Scorpio may experience difficulties. Your earning potential will be somewhat limited at this time. You will work hard to earn more money, and you will eventually succeed. It is probable that your luck is not in your favor when it comes to making money right now. You may experience a rise in family duties, which may cause you to become quite concerned. During this phase, your expenses will skyrocket.

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When Mercury turns direct, people born under the sign of Aquarius may encounter financial difficulties. Your expenses may increase at this time. Even if you make money, you may not be able to cover your bills and demands. It will be difficult for you to earn money right now. It would be preferable if you used your money carefully. You may incur financial losses, so proceed with caution.

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